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2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (17).pdf.jpg2017Personalising care of adults with asthma from Asia : a modi fi ed e-Delphi consensus study to inform management tailored to attitude and control pro fi lesChisholm, Alison; Price, David B; Pinnock, Hilary; Tan, Tze Lee; Roa, Camilo; Cho, Sang-heon; David-wang, Aileen; Wong, Gary
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (8).pdf.jpg2017OPEN A young child with a history of wheezePaton, James; Bindels, Patrick; Mcmurray, Ann; Biggins, Jodie; Nantanda, Rebecca; Østergaard, Marianne Stubbe
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (7).pdf.jpg2017Raising awareness of bronchiectasis in primary care : overview of diagnosis and management strategies in adultsChalmers, James D; Sethi, Sanjay
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (16).pdf.jpg2017A randomised open-label cross-over study of inhaler errors , preference and time to achieve correct inhaler use in patients with COPD or asthma : comparison of ELLIPTA with other inhaler devicesPalen, Job Van Der; Thomas, Mike; Chrystyn, Henry; Sharma, Raj K; Valk, Paul Dlpm Van Der; Goosens, Martijn; Wilkinson, Tom
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (6).pdf.jpg2017Investigating the accuracy , risk impact , and cost-effectiveness of component-resolved diagnostic test for food allergy : a systematic review protocolKim, Javier Flores; Nwaru, Bright I; Mccleary, Nicola
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (15).pdf.jpg2017Standards for reporting implementation studies ( StaRI ): enhancing reporting to improve carePinnock, Hilary; Sheikh, Aziz
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (12).pdf.jpg2017Treating tobacco dependence : guidance for primary care on life-saving interventions . Position statement of the IPCRGSchayck, O C P; Williams, S; Barchilon, V; Baxter, N; Jawad, M; Katsaounou, P A; Kirenga, B J; Panaitescu, C; Tsiligianni, K W I G; Zwar, N; Ostrem, A
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (3).pdf.jpg2017Breathing SPACE — a practical approach to the breathless patientHopkinson, Nicholas S; Baxter, Noel
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (11).pdf.jpg2017The use of electronic alerts in primary care computer systems to identify the over-prescription of short-acting beta 2 -agonists in people with asthma : a protocol for a systematic reviewMckibben, Shauna; Bush, Andy; Thomas, Mike; Grif, Chris
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (2).pdf.jpg2017Activating primary care COPD patients with multi-morbidity ( APCOM ) pilot project : study protocolAnsari, Sameera; Hosseinzadeh, Hassan; Dennis, Sarah; Zwar, Nicholas
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (18).pdf.jpg2017Protocol for a systematic review to identify and weight the indicators of risk of asthma exacerbations in children aged 5 – 12 yearsTagiyeva, Nara; Mclean, Susannah; Sheikh, Aziz; Julious, Steven; Thomas, Mike; Paton, James; Pinnock, Hilary
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (1).pdf.jpg2017An algorithm recommendation for the pharmacological management of allergic rhinitis in the UK : a consensus statement from an expert panelLipworth, Brian; Newton, Jon; Ram, Bhaskar; Small, Iain; Schwarze, Jürgen
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (9).pdf.jpg2017Effectiveness and success factors of educational inhaler technique interventions in asthma & COPD patients : a systematic reviewKlijn, Sven L
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (13).pdf.jpg2017Protocol for regional implementation of community-based collaborative management of complex chronic patientsCano, Isaac; Dueñas-espín, Ivan; Hernandez, Carme; Batlle, Jordi De; Benavent, Jaume; Contel, Juan Carlos; Baltaxe, Erik; Escarrabill, Joan; Fernández, Juan Manuel; Garcia-aymerich, Judith; Mas, Miquel Àngel; Miralles, Felip; Piera, Jordi; Salas, Tomas; Santaeugènia, S
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (4).pdf.jpg2017OPEN GESAP trial rationale and methodology : management of patients with suspected obstructive sleep apnea in primary care units compared to sleep unitsTarraubella, Núria; Batlle, Jordi De; Nadal, Núria; Castro-grattoni, Anabel L; Gómez, Silvia; Sánchez-de-la-torre, Manuel
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (5).pdf.jpg2017Call to action : improving primary care for women with COPDTsiligianni, Ioanna; Rodríguez, Miguel Román; Lisspers, Karin; Leetan, Tze; Infantino, Antonio
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (14).pdf.jpg2017npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine broadens its focus to include global respiratory health , tobacco control and implementation scienceSiddiqi, Kamran; Sheikh, Aziz
2017 PCRJ Volume 27 Issue  Month (10).pdf.jpg2017The Breathing , Thinking , Functioning clinical model : a proposal to facilitate evidence-based breathlessness management in chronic respiratory diseaseSpathis, Anna; Booth, Sara; Moffat, Catherine; Hurst, Rhys; Ryan, Richella; Chin, Chloe; Burkin, Julie
PCRJ 2017 Volume 27 (31).pdf.jpg2017Identifying individuals with physician-diagnosed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care electronic medical records: a retrospective chart abstraction studyLee, Theresa M.; Tu, Karen; Wing, Laura L.; Gershon, Andrea S.
PCRJ 2017 Volume 27 (16).pdf.jpg2017Singing as a rehabilitation method from the viewpoint of Avicenna (980?1037 AD)Gorji, Narjes; Moeini, Reihaneh

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