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2017Safe Nurse Staffi ng is More Than Numbers and RatiosSimpson, Kathleen Rice
2017Caring for Childbearing Women in Crisis: Midwife PilgrimCallister, Lynn Clark
2017Parent Education is Changing : A Review of Smartphone AppsQuestions, C E Test
2017Autologous Blood Transfusion for Postpartum HemorrhageQuestions, C E Test
2017is CHANGING :-
2017Vidence asedRohan, Annie
2017Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy: Assessment and Support-
2017Smart Phone Apps and Maternal Child Nursing-
2017H t topics in-
2017Maternal Mental HealthSelix, Nancy; Henshaw, Erin; Barrera, Alinne; Botcheva, Luba; Huie, Erin; Kaufman, Gabrielle
2017CLINICAL FEATURES andParfi, Sheryl E; Bogat, Mary L; Hering, Sandra L; Ottley, Charlotte; Roth, Cheryl
2017and PREVENTIONParfi, Sheryl E; Bogat, Mary L; Roth, Cheryl
2017Birth SatisfactionHinic, Katherine
2017No TitleRoth, Cheryl
2017Conclusions :-
2017Risks and Benefits of Swaddling Healthy Infants :Review, An Integrative
2017Neonatal Male Circumcision : Still a Controversy-
2017Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping at Birth :-
2017A WHOOPING COUGH for WIC Clients in UtahLuthy, Karlen E; Anderson, Alicia; Macintosh, Janelle; Eden, Lacey M; Amy, Ryan; It, M S
2017MOBILE APP FOR FAMILY Development of aHalsall, Viannella; Rogers, Jennifer; Witt, Jacki; Song, Sejun