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2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (22).pdf.jpg2017Cardiac strain findings in children with latent rheumatic heart disease detected by echocardiographic screeningBeaton, Andrea; Richards, Hedda; Ploutz, Michelle; Gaur, Lasya; Aliku, Twalib; Lwabi, Peter; Ensing, Greg; Sable, Craig
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (15).pdf.jpg2017Task shifting to clinical officer-led echocardiography screening for detecting rheumatic heart disease in Malawi, Africa.Sims Sanyahumbi, Amy; Sable, Craig a; Karlsten, Melissa; Hosseinipour, Mina C; Kazembe, Peter N; Minard, Charles G; Penny, Daniel J
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (35).pdf.jpg2017Letter to the Editor in response to: Important knowledge for parents of children with heart disease: parent, nurse, and physician viewsTallon, M.M.; Kendall, G.E.; Newall, F.
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (2).pdf.jpg2017Congenital coronary artery anomalies in adults: review of 111 cases from a single-centre experienceÇanga, Y.; Güvenç, T.S.; Karataş, M.B.; Çalık, a.N.; Onuk, T.; Tanık, V.O.; Güngör, B.; Bolca, O.
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (33).pdf.jpg2017Treatment of severe refractory valvar pulmonary stenosis with primary transcatheter pulmonary valve implantationTrivedi, Kalyani R.; Robinson, Laurence; Fraisse, Alain
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (23).pdf.jpg2017Echocardiographic right ventricular function correlations with cardiac catheterisation data in biventricular congenital heart patientsNadorlik, Holly; Stiver, Corey; Khan, Sairah; Miao, Yongjie; Holzer, Ralf; Cheatham, John P.; Cua, Clifford L.
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (21).pdf.jpg2017Management of complex CHD at the National Cardiothoracic Center of Excellence, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu: the role of foreign cardiac missions in 3.5 yearsNwafor, Ikechukwu a.; Chinawa, Josephat M.; Adiele, Daberechi K.; Arodiwe, Ijeoma O.; Ezemba, Ndubueze; Eze, John C.; Omeje, Ikenna; Arua, Onyiye a.; Novick, William
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (26).pdf.jpg2017Dynamic four-dimensional CT angiography for the assessment of pulmonary perfusion in an adult patient with pulmonary artery occlusion and major aortopulmonary collateral after multistage repair of Fallot’s PentalogyLoßnitzer, Dirk; Baumann, Stefan; Henzler, Thomas
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (13).pdf.jpg2017Health-related quality of life in children and adolescents living in the north-east of China before and after cardiac catheter interventional treatmentLi, Ling; Lin, Ping; Gao, Xueqin
2017 CITY Volume 27 Issue 6 August (30).pdf.jpg2017Cor triatriatum sinister with an intact interatrial septum and a decompressing vein in a toddlerBinsalamah, Z.M.; De León, L.E.; Heinle, J.S.

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