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2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (4).pdf.jpg2017Segregating bodily isomerism or heterotaxy: potential echocardiographic correlations of morphological findingsTremblay, Cornelia; Loomba, Rohit S.; Frommelt, Peter C.; Perrin, Donald; Spicer, Diane E.; Backer, Carl; Anderson, Robert H.
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (5).pdf.jpg2017Fungal endocarditis in paediatrics: a review of 192 cases (1971–2016)Ganesan, Vithiya; Ponnusamy, Shunmuga Sundaram; Sundaramurthy, Raja
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (13).pdf.jpg2017Long-term outcome after percutaneous closure of persistent left superior caval vein draining into the left atrium: a contrast-enhanced CT studyMarini, Davide; Castagno, Matteo; Millesimo, Michele; Ferroni, Francesca; Ferraro, Gaetana; Pace Napoleone, Carlo; Agnoletti, Gabriella
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (1).pdf.jpg2017Developmental screening in children with CHD: Ages and Stages QuestionnairesNoeder, Maia M.; Logan, Beth a.; Struemph, Kari L.; Condon, Nancy; Mueller, Isabel; Sands, Barbara; Davies, Ryan R.; Sood, Erica
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (8).pdf.jpg2017CHD and respiratory syncytial virus: global expert exchange recommendationsTulloh, Robert M. R.; Medrano-Lopez, Constancio; Checchia, Paul a.; Stapper, Claudia; Sumitomo, Naokata; Gorenflo, Matthias; Jung Bae, Eun; Juanico, Antonio; Gil-Jaurena, Juan M.; Wu, Mei-Hwan; Farha, Talal; Dodge-Khatami, Ali; Tsang, Rocky; Notario, Gerard; Wegzyn, Co
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (12).pdf.jpg2017Transcatheter closure of the patent foramen ovale in children: intermediate-term follow-up resultsSel, K; Aykan, H H; Duman, D; Aypar, E; Ozkutlu, S; Alehan, D; Karagoz, T
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (2).pdf.jpg2017Predictors of health-related quality of life in children with chronic heart diseaseNiemitz, Mandy; Gunst, Diana C. M.; Hövels-Gürich, Hedwig H.; Hofbeck, Michael; Kaulitz, Renate; Galm, Christoph; Berger, Felix; Nagdyman, Nicole; Stiller, Brigitte; Borth-Bruhns, Thomas; Konzag, Ines; Balmer, Christian; Goldbeck, Lutz
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (10).pdf.jpg2017Paediatric-onset coronary artery anomalies in pregnancy: a single-centre experience and systematic literature reviewKeir, Michelle; Bhagra, Catriona; Vatenmakher, Debra; Arancibia-Galilea, Francisca; Jansen, Katrijn; Toh, Norihisa; Silversides, Candice K.; Colman, Jack; Siu, Samuel C.; Sermer, Mathew; Crean, Andrew M.; Wald, Rachel M.
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (20).pdf.jpg2017A rapid echocardiographic screening protocol for rheumatic heart disease in Samoa: a high prevalence of advanced diseaseAllen, M; Allen, J; Naseri, T; Gardner, R; Tolley, D; Allen, L
2017 CiY Volume 27 Issue 8 October (17).pdf.jpg2017The use of nesiritide in patients with critical cardiac diseaseBronicki, R.a.; Domico, M.; Checchia, P.a.; Kennedy, C.E.; Akcan-Arikan, a.

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