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2017Original Article De fi nition of important early morbidities related to paediatric cardiac surgeryBrown, Katherine L; Pagel, Christina; Brimmell, Rhian; Bull, Kate; Davis, Peter; Franklin, Rodney C; Hoskote, Aparna; Khan, Natasha; Rodrigues, Warren; Thorne, Sara; Smith, Liz; Chigaru, Linda; Utley, Martin; Wray, Jo; Tsang, Victor; Mclean, Andrew
2017Original Article Can whole-blood parameters be used in follow-up of children with rheumatic valvular heart disease?Karpuz, Derya; Giray, Dilek; Ozyurt, Abdullah; Bozlu, Gulcin; Unal, Selma; Hallioglu, Olgu; Maternity, Mersin
2017Original Article A multi-institutional study of factors affecting resource utilisation following the Fontan operationHinkle, Kevin A; Wilkes, Jacob; Mcfadden, Molly; Williams, Richard V; Minich, Luann L; Menon, Shaji C
2017Original Article Changes in the diagnosis of congenital cardiovascular malformations during the 1st year of life: impacts on epidemiological risk factor associationsFirl, Kevin C; King, Jacquie S; Makambi, Kepher H; Loffredo, Christopher A
2017Original Article eHealth literacy and preferences for eHealth resources in parents of children with complex CHDKasparian, Nadine A; Lieu, Nathan; Winlaw, David S; Cole, Andrew; Kirk, Edwin; Sholler, Gary F; Health, Child; Wales, New South
2017cardiovascular environmentBradley, David J; Wu, Danny T Y; Goldberg, Caren S; Serwer, Gerald S; Lowery, Ray E; Donohue, Janet E; Hirsch-romano, Jennifer C; Zheng, Kai; Pasquali, Sara K
2017Images in Congenital Cardiac Disease Bilateral coronary artery to left ventricular fi stula : CT demonstration of drainage via a single , common channelLee, Han Na; Kim, Jung Im; Cho, Jin-man
2017Collaborative registryRamachandran, Preeti; King, Eileen; Nebbia, Ashley; Beekman, Robert H; Anderson, Jeffrey B
2017Review Article At what age should tetralogy of Fallot be corrected?Hoffman, Julien I E; Francisco, San
2017Original Article Anatomical considerations for the management of a left-sided superior caval vein draining to the roof of the left atriumSaundankar, Jelena; Ho, Andrew B; Salmon, Anthony P; Anderson, Robert H; Magee, Alan G
2017Brief Report Cardiac haemangioma associated with a duct-dependent congenital heart disease in a newborn infantDjordjevic, Stefan A; Kalanj, Jasna; Intensive, Neonatal; Unit, Care
2017Brief Report Anomalous drainage of isolated superior caval vein to the left atrium: the oldest reported unrepaired caseBoutsikou, Maria; Pennell, Dudley J; Nyktari, Eva
2017Brief Report Red fl ags: a case series of clinician – family communication challenges in the context of CHDSekar, Priya; Marcus, Katie L; Williams, Erin P; Boss, Renee D
2017Brief Report Point catheter ablation of macro-re-entrant ventricular tachycardia in a patient after surgical repair for double-outlet right ventricleIzumi, Gaku; Yokoshiki, Hisashi; Takeda, Atsuhito
2017separationKwak, Jae Gun; Kim, Kyung-hee; Lee, Chang-ha
2017Brief Report Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in an infant of a diabetic motherUdine, Michelle L; Romp, Robb L; Jackson, Kimberly W
2017Brief Report Extremely refractory Kawasaki disease with disseminated intravascular coagulationKoh, Young Kwon; Lee, Jae Hee; Park, Yeong Bong
2017Brief Report Are patients bypassing paediatric cardiology outreach clinics ?Fletcher, Alexander; Samson, Ray; Mcleod, Karen
20171,2,8 1Berghammer, Malin C; Mattsson, Eva; Johansson, Bengt; Moons, Philip; Dellborg, Mikael; Sciences, Caring; Congenital, Adult; Unit, Heart
2017Brief Report Surgical closure of multiple large apical ventricular septal defects: how we do itPerez-negueruela, Carolina; Carretero, Joan; Mayol, Javier; Caffarena, José M

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