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2017The accuracy of preoperative imaging in measuring the length of the ileocolic segment affected by Crohn ’ s disease : a prospective cohort studyBrouquet, A; Rangheard, A; Ifergan, J; Lazure, T; Carbonnel, F; Penna, C; Benoist, S
2017A novel method for treatment of chronic anal fissure : adipose-derived regenerative cells – a pilot studyAndjelkov, K; Sforza, M; Barisic, G; Soldatovic, I; Hiranyakas, A; Krivokapic, Z
2017Transanal minimally invasive rectal resection for deep endometriosis : a promising techniqueVlek, S L; Lier, M C I; Koedam, T W A; Melgers, I; Dekker, J J M L; Bonjer, J H
2017A retrospective cohort study of the influence of lifestyle factors on the survival of patients undergoing surgery for colorectal cancerAlexander, D; Allardice, G M; Moug, S J; Morrison, D S
2017Reversal after Hartmann ’ s procedure in patients with complicated sigmoid diverticulitisRosenthal, R; Kettelhack, C; Oertli, D
2017The association between intensified medical treatment , time to surgery and ileocolic specimen length in Crohn ’ s diseaseGroof, E J De; Gardenbroek, T J; Buskens, C J; Tanis, P J; Ponsioen, C Y
2017Does a more extensive mucosal excision prevent haemorrhoidal recurrence after stapled haemorrhoidopexy ? Long-term outcome of a randomized controlled trialAltomare, D F; Pecorella, G; Tegon, G; Aquilino, F; Pennisi, D; Fazio, M De
2017Quality of life following fistulotomy – short term follow-upOwen, H A; Buchanan, G N; Schizas, A; Emmanuel, A; Cohen, R; Williams, A B
2017Colorectal Disease Infl ammatory Bowel Disease Online-only Articles Original Articles NeoplasiaFabio, F Di; Moran, B
2017Altered defaecatory behaviour and faecal incontinence in a video-tracked animal model of pudendal neuropathyDevane, L A; Lucking, E; Evers, J; Buffini, M; Scott, S M; Knowles, C H; Connell, P R O; Jones, J F X
2017Faecal occult blood testing screening for colorectal cancer and ‘ missed ’ interval cancers : are we ignoring the elephant in the room ? Results of a multicentre studyGeorge, A T; Aggarwal, S; Dharmavaram, S; Menon, A; Dube, M; Vogler, M; Field, A
2017Sacral neuromodulation for the treatment of faecal incontinence following proctectomyMizrahi, I; Chadi, S A; Haim, N; Sands, D R; Gurland, B; Zutshi, M; Wexner, S D; Silva, G
2017Peripheral blood leucocytes show differential expression of tumour progression-related genes in colorectal cancer patients who have a postoperative intra-abdominal infection : a prospective matched cohort studyAlonso, S; Mayol, X; Nonell, L; Salvans, S; Pascual, M; Pera, M
2017Sacral neuromodulation compared with injection of bulking agents for faecal incontinence following obstetric anal sphincter injury – a randomized controlled trialRydningen, M; Dehli, T; Wilsgaard, T; Rydning, A; Kumle, M; Lindsetmo, R O; Norderval, S
2017Accuracy of magnetic resonance enterography in the preoperative assessment of patients with Crohn ’ s disease of the small bowelSanchez-jord, G
2017Subtotal colectomy for ulcerative colitis : lessons learned from a tertiary centreGeorge, B D
2017Online-Only Abstracts These articles are available online at wileyonlinelibrary . comGeorge, A T; Aggarwal, S; Dharmavaram, S; Menon, A; Dube, M; Vogler, M; Field, A
2017Damage control surgery and extended interval GI reconstruction after trauma – a video vignette-
2017Adjuvant chemotherapy may improve disease-free survival in patients with rectal cancer positive for MRI-detected extramural venous invasion following chemoradiationChand, M; Rasheed, S; Heald, R; Swift, I; West, N; Rao, S; Tekkis, P; Brown, G
2017Risk of metachronous colorectal cancer following colectomy in Lynch syndrome : a systematic review and meta-analysisAnele, C C

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