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2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (9).pdf.jpg2017Intranasal pitavastatin attenuates seizures in different experimental models of epilepsy in miceAshhar, Muhammad Usama; Ahmad, Mohd Zubair; Jain, Vikas; Agarwal, Nidhi B.; Ahmad, Farhan J.; Jain, Gaurav K.
2017 Epilepsy_Behavior Volume 77 December (20).pdf.jpg2017Advanced morphological neuroimaging study in lateral temporal lobe epilepsy: A multicentric studyVasta, Roberta; Sarica, Alessia; Bisulli, Francesca; Di Gennaro, Giancarlo; D'Aniello, Alfredo; Difrancesco, Jacopo C.; Canafoglia, Laura; Casazza, Marina; Franceschetti, Silvana; Stipa, Carlotta; Tinuper, Paolo; Mumoli, Laura; Gambardella, Antonio; Labate, Angelo
2017 Epilepsy_Behavior Volume 77 December (12).pdf.jpg2017Validation of the Polish version of the Beck Depression Inventory in patients with epilepsyWiglusz, Mariusz S.; Landowski, Jerzy; Michalak, Lidia; Cubała, Wiesław J.
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (16).pdf.jpg2017Provision of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) information among Malaysian parents of children with epilepsyFong, Choong Yi; Lim, Wei Kang; Kong, Ann Nie; Lua, Pei Lin; Ong, Lai Choo
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (1).pdf.jpg2017Introduction to the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) platform and its newly elected president Martin BrodieBrodie, Martin J.
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (38).pdf.jpg2017Decline in word-finding: The objective cognitive finding most relevant to patients after mesial temporal lobe epilepsy surgeryPauli, Carla; de Oliveira Thais, Maria Emilia Rodrigues; Guarnieri, Ricardo; Schwarzbold, Marcelo Liborio; Diaz, Alexandre Paim; Ben, Juliana; Linhares, Marcelo Neves; Markowitsch, Hans Joachim; Wolf, Peter; Wiebe, Samuel; Lin, Katia; Walz, Roger
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (30).pdf.jpg2017Increasing volume and complexity of pediatric epilepsy surgery with stable seizure outcome between 2008 and 2014: A nationwide multicenter studyBarba, Carmen; Specchio, Nicola; Guerrini, Renzo; Tassi, Laura; De Masi, Salvatore; Cardinale, Francesco; Pellacani, Simona; De Palma, Luca; Battaglia, Domenica; Tamburrini, Gianpiero; Didato, Giuseppe; Freri, Elena; Consales, Alessandro; Nozza, Paolo; Zamponi, Nelia; C
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue September (17).pdf.jpg2017Using the Theory of Planned Behavior incorporated with perceived barriers to explore sexual counseling services delivered by healthcare professionals in individuals suffering from epilepsyLin, Chung Ying; Fung, Xavier C.C.; Nikoobakht, Mehdi; Burri, Andrea; Pakpour, Amir H.
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (41).pdf.jpg2017Effect of sleep patterns on levetiracetam induced mood changesTaneja, R.; Hunter, K.; Burakgazi-Dalkilic, E.; Carran, M.
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (21).pdf.jpg2017Neuropsychological outcomes following stereotactic laser amygdalohippocampectomy.Greenway, Melanie R F; Lucas, John a.; Feyissa, Anteneh M.; Grewal, Sanjeet; Wharen, Robert E.; Tatum, William O.
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (7).pdf.jpg2017“Atypical forms” of benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS): How to diagnose and guide these children. A practical/scientific approachParisi, Pasquale; Paolino, Maria Chiara; Raucci, Umberto; Ferretti, Alessandro; Villa, Maria Pia; Trenite, Dorothee Kasteleijn-Nolst
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (50).pdf.jpg2017Response to “Physical exercise to manage sleep problems in pediatric patients with epilepsy and ADHD”Ekinci, Ozalp; Okuyaz, Çetin
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (22).pdf.jpg2017Increased rates of intermittent rhythmic delta and theta activity in the electroencephalographies of adult patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorderEndres, Dominique; Maier, Simon; Feige, Bernd; Mokhtar, Nora Bel; Nickel, Kathrin; Goll, Peter; Meyer, Simon a.; Matthies, Swantje; Ebert, Dieter; Philipsen, Alexandra; Perlov, Evgeniy; Tebartz van Elst, Ludger
2017 Epilepsy_Behavior Volume 77 December (13).pdf.jpg2017Lennox–Gastaut syndrome in adulthood: Long-term clinical follow-up of 38 patients and analysis of their recorded seizuresVignoli, a.; Oggioni, G.; De Maria, G.; Peron, a.; Savini, M.N.; Zambrelli, E.; Chiesa, V.; La Briola, F.; Turner, K.; Canevini, M.P.
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (27).pdf.jpg2017Response shift in parents' assessment of health-related quality of life of children with new-onset epilepsySajobi, Tolulope T.; Speechley, Kathy N.; Liang, Zhiying; Goodwin, Shane W.; Ferro, Mark a.; Wiebe, Samuel
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (10).pdf.jpg2017Protective effect of naringin on pentylenetetrazole (PTZ)-induced kindling; possible mechanisms of antikindling, memory improvement, and neuroprotectionKola, Phani Kumar; Akula, Annapurna; NissankaraRao, Lakshmi Sudeepthi; Danduga, R. Ch. Sekhara Reddy
2017 Epilepsy_Behavior Volume 77 December (3).pdf.jpg2017Kindling epileptogenesis and panic-like behavior: Their bidirectional connection and contribution to epilepsy-associated depressionMedel-Matus, Jesús Servando; Shin, Don; Sankar, Raman; Mazarati, Andrey
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (5).pdf.jpg2017Systematic review of unmet healthcare needs in patients with epilepsyMahendran, Mayuri; Speechley, Kathy N.; Widjaja, Elysa
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue October (39).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy and sleep disorders improve in adolescents and adults with Angelman syndrome: A multicenter study on 46 patientsSueri, Chiara; Ferlazzo, Edoardo; Elia, Maurizio; Bonanni, Paolo; Randazzo, Giovanna; Gasparini, Sara; D'Agostino, Tiziana; Sapone, Antonino R.; Ascoli, Michele; Bellavia, Marina a.; Cianci, Vittoria; Gambardella, Antonio; Labate, Angelo; Aguglia, Umberto
2017 EPILBEH Volume 74 Issue September (12).pdf.jpg2017Areca catechu (palm tree) nut chewing and seizures: An observational studyMateen, Farrah J.; Carone, Marco; Tshering, Lhab; Dorji, Chencho; Dema, Ugyen; Grundy, Sara J.; Pokhrel, Dili Ram; Nirola, Damber K.