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2017 EB Volume 66 January (20).pdf.jpg2017On the nose: Olfactory disturbances in patients with transient epileptic amnesiaSavage, Sharon A; Butler, Christopher R; Milton, Fraser; Han, Yang; Zeman, Adam Z
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (19).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Risk factors for learning problems in youth with psychogenic non-epileptic seizuresDoss, Julia; Caplan, Rochelle; Siddarth, Prabha; Bursch, Brenda; Falcone, Tatiana; Forgey, Marcy; Hinman, Kyle; Lafrance, W Curt; Laptook, Rebecca; Shaw, Richard; Weisbrot, Deborah; Willis, Matthew; Plioplys, Sigita
2017 EB Volume 66 January (11).pdf.jpg2017Alterations in balance and mobility in people with epilepsyCamara-Lemarroy, Carlos R.; Ortiz-Zacarías, Daniela; Peña-Avendaño, Juan J.; Estrada-Bellmann, Ingrid; Villarreal-Velázquez, Héctor J.; Díaz-Torres, Marco A.
2017 EB Volume 69 April (10).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Association between antiepileptic drug dose and long-term response in patients with refractory epilepsyPoolos, Nicholas P; Castagna, Christina E; Williams, Stephen; Miller, Alison B; Story, Tyler J
2017 EB Volume 69 April (22).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Caregiver-reported religious beliefs and complementary and alternative medicine use among children admitted to an epilepsy monitoring unitFleming, Julia; Thompson, Matthew D; Parks, Pamela H; Jacobs, Ruth Q; Goyal, Monisha
2017 EB Volume 69 April (17).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Stable psychological functioning after surgery for epilepsy : An informant-based perspectiveKing, Marcie L; Tranel, Daniel
2017 EB Volume 69 April (5).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Educational video and story as effective interventions reducing epilepsy-related stigma among childrenBrabcová, Dana; Weberová, Veronika; Komárek, Vladimír
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (17).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior DSM-5 criteria for PTSD in parents of pediatric patients with epilepsy : What are the changes with respect to DSM-IV-TR ?Carmassi, Claudia; Corsi, Martina; Gesi, Camilla; Antonio, Carlo; Faggioni, Francesco; Calderani, Enrico; Massimetti, Gabriele; Saggese, Giuseppe; Bonuccelli, Alice; Orsini, Alessandro; Dell, Liliana
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (11).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Potentially preventable complications in epilepsy admissions : The “ weekend effect ”Ho, Lianne; Kramer, Daniel R; Wen, Timothy; Moalem, Alimohammad S; Millett, David; Heck, Christianne N; Mack, William J; Liu, Charles Y
2017 EB Volume 69 April (32).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Outcome of childhood-onset epilepsy from adolescence to adulthood : Transition issuesNabbout, R; Andrade, D M; Bahi-buisson, N; Cross, H; Desquerre, I; Dulac, O; Granata, T; Hirsch, E; Navarro, V; Ouss, L; Pearl, P L; Schmidt, D; Thiele, E; Cam, P R; Cam, C S
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (3).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Health service provision for people with epilepsy in sub-Saharan Africa : A situational reviewWatila, Musa M; Keezer, Mark R; Angwafor, Samuel A; Winkler, Andrea S; Sander, Josemir W
2017 EB Volume 69 April (8).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Patient emotions and perceptions of antiepileptic drug changes and titration during treatment for epilepsyFishman, Jesse; Cohen, Greg; Josephson, Colin; Marie, Ann; Bharatham, Srikanth
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (14).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior ‘ Breaking Good News ’ : Neurologists ' experiences of discussing SUDEP with patients in Scotland ☆Nisbet, Tom; Turbull, Sue; Mulhern, Sharon; Razvi, Saif
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (27).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Attitudes towards people with epilepsy in MoscowGuekht, Alla; Gersamiya, Anna; Kaimovskiy, Igor; Mizinova, Maria; Yakovlev, Alexander; Shpak, Alexander
2017 EB Volume 70 Part A May (22).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Knowledge , attitude , and practice about epilepsy among teachers atAbaba, Addis; Berhe, Tesfaye; Yihun, Bethlehem; Abebe, Emebet; Abera, Hailu
2017 EB Volume 69 April (4).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Understanding the self-management skills of persons with epilepsyBautista, Ramon Edmundo D
2017 EB Volume 68 March (5).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Clinical characteristics , treatments , and outcomes of patients with anti- N -methyl- D -aspartate receptor encephalitis : A systematic review of reported casesZhang, Le@Wu, Meng-qian@Hao, Zi-long@Mun, Siew@Chiang, Vance@Shuang, Kun@Lin, Min-tao@Chi, Xiao-sa@Fang, Jia-jia@Zhou, Dong@Li, Jin-mei
2017 EB Volume 71 Part B June (14).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior Overexpression of the immediate-early genes Egr1 , Egr2 , and Egr3 in two strains of rodents susceptible to audiogenic seizuresLópez-lópez, D; Gómez-nieto, R; Herrero-turrión, M J; García-cairasco, N; Sánchez-benito, D
2017 EB Volume 70 Part B May (11).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior An Australian nationwide survey on medicinal cannabis use for epilepsy : History of antiepileptic drug treatment predicts medicinal cannabis useSuraev, Anastasia S; Todd, Lisa; Bowen, Michael T; Allsop, David J; Mcgregor, Iain S; Ireland, Carol; Lintzeris, Nicholas
2017 EB Volume 71 Part B June (7).pdf.jpg2017Epilepsy & Behavior An abnormal GABAergic system in the inferior colliculus provides a basis for audiogenic seizures in genetically epilepsy-prone ratsRibak, Charles E

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