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2017 JSR Volume 214 June (34).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Association for Academic Surgery Evaluating the efficacy of different types of stem cells in preserving gut barrier function in necrotizing enterocolitisMcculloh, Christopher J; Olson, Jacob K; Wang, Yijie; Vu, Jennifer; Gartner, Sarah; Besner, Gail E
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (38).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Association for Academic Surgery Failure to operate on resectable gastric cancer : implications for policy changes and regionalizationFrohman, Heather A; Martin, Jeremiah T; Le, Anh-thu; Dineen, Sean P; Tzeng, Ching-wei D
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (29).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Association for Academic Surgery Firearm injuries due to legal intervention in children and adolescents : a national analysisJoudi, Noor; Tashiro, Jun; Golpanian, Samuel; Eidelson, Sarah A; Perez, Eduardo A; Sola, Juan E
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (26).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Association for Academic Surgery Complexity of medical decision-making in care provided by surgeons through patient portalsRobinson, Jamie R; Valentine, Alissa; Carney, Cathy; Fabbri, Daniel; Jackson, Gretchen P
2017 JSR Volume 215 July (23).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Association for Academic Surgery Infectious outcomes of gastroschisis patients with intraoperative hypothermiaLandisch, Rachel M; Massoumi, Roxanne L; Christensen, Melissa; Wagner, Amy J
2017 JSR Volume 213 June (10).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect The aryl hydrocarbon receptor as an antitumor target of synthetic curcuminoids in colorectal cancerMegna, Bryant W; Carney, Patrick R; Depke, Mitchell G; Nukaya, Manabu; Mcnally, James; Larsen, Lesley; Rosengren, Rhonda J; Kennedy, Gregory D
2017 JSR Volume 213 June (11).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Circulating platelet aggregates damage endothelial cells in cultureNarasimhulu, Chandrakala Aluganti; Nandave, Mukesh; Bonilla, Diana; Singaravelu, Janani; Sai-sudhakar, Chittoor B; Parthasarathy, Sampath
2017 JSR Volume 215 July (34).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Financial benefit of a smoking cessation program prior to elective colorectal surgeryGaskill, Cameron E; Kling, Catherine E; Jr, Thomas K Varghese; Veenstra, David L; Thirlby, Richard C; Flum, David R; Alfonso-cristancho, Rafael
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (20).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Racial disparities in length-of-stay persist even with no postoperative complicationsGiglia, Matthew D; Derussy, Aerin; Morris, Melanie S; Richman, Joshua S; Hawn, Mary T; Vickers, Selwyn M; Knight, Sara J; Chu, Daniel I
2017 JSR Volume 213 June (35).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Correlation between fecal calprotectin and inflammation in the surgical specimen of Crohn ’ s diseasePous-serrano, Salvador; Frasson, Matteo; Iborra, Marisa; Cerrillo, Elena; Garcı, Eduardo; Herva, David; Nos, Pilar
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (22).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Diosmetin protects against ischemia / reperfusion-induced acute kidney injury in miceYang, Kang; Li, Wei-fang; Yu, Jun-feng; Yi, Cheng
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (31).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Association for Academic Surgery Viscoelastic monitoring in pediatric trauma : a survey of pediatric trauma society membersRussell, Robert T; Maizlin, Ilan I; Vogel, Adam M
2017 JSR Volume 213 June (7).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Improving staff perception of a safety climate with crew resource management trainingKuy, Sreyram; Romero, Ramon A L
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (19).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Composition of the cellular infiltrate in patients with simple and complex appendicitisGorter, Ramon R; Wassenaar, Emma C E; Boer, Onno J De; Bakx, Roel; Roelofs, Joris J T H; Bunders, Madeleine J; Heurn, L W Ernst Van; Heij, Hugo A
2017 JSR Volume 213 June (19).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor-factor VIII attenuates sepsis-induced acute kidney injuryCen, Cindy; Aziz, Monowar; Yang, Weng-lang; Zhou, Mian; Nicastro, Jeffrey M; Coppa, Gene F; Wang, Ping
2017 JSR Volume 215 July (28).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Effect of hypothermia on splenic leukocyte modulation and survival duration in severely septic ratsJr, Rhett N Willis; Charles, Eric J; Guidry, Christopher A; Chordia, Mahendra D; Davies, Stephen W; Yang, Zequan; Sawyer, Robert G
2017 JSR Volume 214 June (35).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Radiologic evaluation of vasculobiliary anatomy in the umbilical fissureJi, Gu-wei; Zhu, Fei-peng; Wang, Ke; Xia, Yong-xiang; Jiao, Chen-yu; Shao, Zi-cheng; Li, Xiang-cheng
2017 JSR Volume 215 July (20).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Laparoscopic versus open gastrectomy for gastric cancer with serous invasion : long-term outcomesXu, Yonggang; Hua, Jin; Li, Jipeng; Shi, Liubin; Yuan, Jie; Du, Jianjun
2017 JSR Volume 215 July (24).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Pilot evaluation of the Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics testShipper, Edward S; Mazer, Laura M; Merrell, Sylvia Bereknyei; Lin, Dana T; Lau, James N; Melcher, Marc L
2017 JSR Volume 215 July (25).pdf.jpg2017ScienceDirect Topical anesthesia for staple removal from surgical wounds on the knee : a prospective ,Tseng, Tzu-hao; Jiang, Ching-chuan; Fu, Shau-huai; Chiang, Hongsen