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2017The Evolution of Organellar Coat Complexes and Organization of the Eukaryotic CellRout, Michael P; Field, Mark C
2017Conceptual and Experimental Tools to Understand Spatial Effects and Transport Phenomena in Nonlinear Biochemical Networks Illustrated with Patchy SwitchingPompano, Rebecca R; Chiang, Andrew H; Kastrup, Christian J; Ismagilov, Rustem F
2017A Bright Future for Antibiotics ?Matzov, Donna; Bashan, Anat; Yonath, Ada
2017Redox-Based Regulation of Bacterial Development and BehaviorSporer, Abigail J; Kahl, Lisa J; Price-whelan, Alexa; Dietrich, Lars E P
2017Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Mutation and ( R ) -2-Hydroxyglutarate : From Basic Discovery to Therapeutics DevelopmentDang, Lenny; Su, Shin-san Michael
2017Protein Misfolding DiseasesHartl, F Ulrich
2017Eukaryotic DNA Replication ForkBurgers, Peter M J; Kunkel, Thomas A
2017A New Facet of Vitamin B 12 : Gene Regulation by PhotoreceptorsPadmanabhan, S; Jost, Marco; Drennan, Catherine L
2017Endoplasmic Reticulum – Plasma Membrane Contact SitesSaheki, Yasunori; Camilli, Pietro De
2017Structural Studies of Amyloid Proteins at the Molecular LevelEisenberg, David S; Sawaya, Michael R
2017Protein Misfolding , Amyloid Formation , and Human Disease : A Summary of Progress Over the Last DecadeChiti, Fabrizio; Dobson, Christopher M
2017Metabolite Measurement : Pitfalls to Avoid and Practices to FollowLu, Wenyun; Su, Xiaoyang; Klein, Matthias S; Lewis, Ian A; Fiehn, Oliver; Rabinowitz, Joshua D
2017Mechanisms of Deubiquitinase Specificity and RegulationMevissen, Tycho E T; Komander, David
2017Proteasomal and Autophagic Degradation SystemsDikic, Ivan
2017Mitochondrial Machineries for Protein Import and AssemblyWiedemann, Nils; Pfanner, Nikolaus
2017Telomerase Mechanism of Telomere SynthesisWu, R Alex; Upton, Heather E; Vogan, Jacob M; Collins, Kathleen
2017Oxidative StressSies, Helmut; Berndt, Carsten; Jones, Dean P
2017Cellular Electron Cryotomography : Toward Structural Biology In SituOikonomou, Catherine M; Jensen, Grant J
2017Mechanisms of Autophagy InitiationHurley, James H; Young, Lindsey N
2017Extracellular Heme Uptake and the Challenge of Bacterial Cell MembranesHuang, Weiliang; Wilks, Angela

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