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Title: relevance of its preservation
Authors: Burks, Joshua D;Bonney, Phillip A;Conner, Andrew K;Glenn, Chad A;Briggs, Robert G;Battiste, James D;Mccoy, Tressie;Dpt, P T;Donoghue, Daniel L O;Wu, Dee H;Sughrue, Michael E
subject: anatomy;butterfly glioma;callosum;cingulate gyrus;cingulum;connectivity;corpus callosum;default mode network;dti;during training that;eurosurgeons are often taught;glioblastoma;gliomas invading the corpus;Oncology;so-called;tractography
Year: 2017
volume: Volume 126
issue: Issue 6
month: June
Appears in Collections:Journal Of Neurosurgery(American) 2017

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