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9781441998095.pdf.jpg2011Bleeding during pregnancEyal Sheiner, editor
9781848821194.pdf.jpg2010Gestational diabetes during and after pregnancCatherine Kim, Assiamira Ferrara, editors
9781849961455.pdf.jpg2010Pharmacology and pharmacokineticMark E. Tomlin ed.
9781849961462.pdf.jpg2010Pharmacology and pharmacokineticMark E. Tomlin ed.
0824748050.pdf.jpg2004Supercritical fluid technology for drug product developmentedited by Peter York, Uday B. Kompella and Boris Y. Shekunov
9780309286602.pdf.jpg2013Delivering high-quality cancer carCommittee on Improving the Quality of Cancer Care: Addressing the Challenges of an Aging Population, Board on Health Care Services; Laura A. Levit, Erin P. Balogh, Sharyl J. Nass, and Patricia A. Ganz, editors, Institute of Medicine of the National Acade
9781461471684.pdf.jpg-Third-party reproductionJames M. Goldfarb, editor
9780471743439.pdf.jpg2009Chronopharmaceuticedited by Bi-Botti C. Youan
9780815520252.pdf.jpg2010Handbook of non-invasive drug delivery systemedited by Vitthal S. Kulkarni
9781461408802.pdf.jpg2012Fundamentals and applications of controlled release drug deliveryJuergen Siepmann, Ronald A. Siegel, Michael J. Rathbone, editors
9781441971388.pdf.jpg2013Quality management in ART clinicFabiola Bento, Sandro Esteves, Ashok Agarwal, editors
9780321710482.pdf.jpg2014Medicinal chemistryErland Stevens
9781617284496.pdf.jpg2010Novel drug delivery approaches in dry eye syndrome therapyEliana B. Souto ... [et al.]
9781441974945.pdf.jpg2011Manual of pathology of the human placentRebecca N. Baergen; foreword by Kurt Benirschke
9780387776675.pdf.jpg2009Nanotechnology in drug deliveryedited by Melgardt M. de Villiers, Pornanong Aramwit, Glen S. Kwon
9780470903230.pdf.jpg2013Control of biological and drug-delivery systems for chemical, biomedical, and pharmaceutical engineeringLaurent Simon
9781420065640.pdf.jpg2009Modern pharmaceuticsedited by Alexander T. Florence, Juergen Siepmann
9781420043877.pdf.jpg2008Advanced drug formulation design to optimize therapeutic outcomesedited by Robert O. Williams III, David R. Taft, Jason T. McConville
9780781779340.pdf.jpg2011Ansel's pharmaceutical dosage forms and drug delivery systemsLoyd V. Allen, Nicholas G. Popovich, Howard C. Ansel
9780470307786.pdf.jpg2010GPCR molecular pharmacology and drug targetinedited by Annette Gilchrist

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