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9781607616566.pdf.jpg2010RNA therapeuticsedited by Mouldy Sioud
9783527317905.pdf.jpg2011Protein kinases as drug targetsedited by Bert Klebl, Gerhard Muller, and Michael Hamacher
9781627031097.pdf.jpg2013Biolistic DNA deliveryedited by Stephan Sudowe, Angelika B. Reske-Kunz
9781627031394.pdf.jpg2013Nanotechnology for nucleic acid deliveryedited by Manfred Ogris, David Oupicky
9780849379499.pdf.jpg2008Protein formulation and deliveryedited by Eugene J. McNally, Jayne E. Hastedt
0849323347.pdf.jpg2005Biomaterials for delivery and targeting of proteins and nucleic acidsedited by Ram I. Mahato
9781107012134.pdf.jpg2013Fetal therapyedited by Mark Kilby, Anthony Johnson, Dick Oepkes
9789814411042.pdf.jpg2013Nanotechnology for the Delivery of Therapeutic Nucleic Acid-
0849316308.pdf.jpg2006Therapeutic peptides and proteinsAjay K. Banga
0849316928.pdf.jpg2005Lipospheres in drug targets and deliveryedited by Claudio Nastruzzi
9781441966087.pdf.jpg2010Vascular disruptive agents for the treatment of cancerTim Meyer, editor
0824742354.pdf.jpg2003Pharmaceutical gene delivery systemsedited by Alain Rolland, Sean M. Sullivan
9781461482345.pdf.jpg-Oncofertility communicationTeresa K. Woodruff, Marla L. Clayman, Kate E. Waimey, editors
9783642158889.pdf.jpg2011Preparing and delivering scientific presentationsn Ribes John Giba, Ram
9783642158896.pdf.jpg2011Preparing and delivering scientific presentationn Ribes John Giba, Ram
9788188449286.pdf.jpg2007Oral drug delivery technologyAukunuru Jithan
0824782933.pdf.jpg2005Drug delivery to the oral cavityed. by Tapash K. Ghosh, William R. Pfister
9780309120647.pdf.jpg2011Engineering a learning healthcare systemClaudia Grossman ... [et al.]; Institute of Medicine and National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies
9781439836064.pdf.jpg2011The delivery of regenerative medicines and their impact on healthcaredited by Catherine D. Prescott, Julia Polak
9780763737979.pdf.jpg2010Essentials of health economicsDiane M. Dewar

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