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Title: Studies in Synthetic Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: Part I-Synthesis of Some bis-Ammonium, Piperidinium & Tetrahydroquinolinium Dihalides
Authors: Khanna, N M;Dhar, M L
subject: Bis-ammonium.,;Piperidinium;Tetrahydroquinolinium;polymethylene
Year: 1953
Description: Some bis-amm.onium., piperidinium and tetrahydroquinoUnium dihalides carrying polymethylene. polymethylene ether and p. p'-ditolyl connecting chains and different alkyl or alkylaryl radicals on the quaternary nitrogen atoms have been synthesized with a view to testing them for neuromuscular blocking activity
Standard no: Journal of Scientific and industrial research1953,12B,532-539
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