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Title: Studies on Anaemia:Part II-Effect of Liver Extract & Vitamin B12 on Lead Anaemia in Rats
Authors: Dhar, D C;Pradhan, S N
subject: Haemoglcbtn;R.B.C.;Anaemia;Vitamin B12
Year: 1954
Description: The, R.B.C. and haemoglobin response resulting from administration of liver extract or vitamin B12 have been studied in the lead -anaemia of the rat. Liver extract and vitamin B12 produce a beneficial effect in counteracting lead anaemia. On compartng the response of liver extract (2 U.S.P.) and vitamin B12, (2µg), liver extract appeared to be much more potent than vitamin B12.
Standard no: Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research1954,13B,126-130
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