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Title: Studies in Synthetic Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: Part II-Potency of Some Polymethylene bis-'onium Compounds
Authors: Pradhan, S N;Varadan, K S;Ray, C;De, N N
subject: Neuromuscular;Polymethylene;Curariform;N'-bis -benzyl
Year: 1954
Description: Curariform potency of some polyroethylene bis-'onium.compounds and their side effects on blood pressure and respiration in dogs have been studied.N,N'-bis -benzyl decamethylene bis-piperidinium dichloride Has been found to be most active. its activity is found to be one-fifth that of dtubocurarine chloride. This compound has a marked depressant effect on blood pressure and respiration. The relation between chemical constitution and the curariform activity of the compounds has been discussed.
Standard no: Journal of Scientific and industrial research1954,13B,118-121
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