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Title: Enzyme Inhibition Studies in Relation to Drug Action: Part VIII -Action of Certain Antibacterial Agents on the Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle of Vibrio cholerae
Authors: Arora, K L;Krishna Murti, C R
subject: Chloro;Oxytetracycllns;Chloramphenicol;Anti-tubercular
Year: 1955
Description: Chloro and oxytetracycllns and chloramphenicol inhibit oxygen uptake of Vibrio choterae in the presence of a number of substrates belonging to the Kreb's cycle. The inhibition by chloramphenicol is partially reversed by a coenzyme preparation from rabbit liver. The action of anti-tubercular drugs on the same system was confined only to a few substrates of the trlcarboxylic acid cycle.
Standard no: Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 1955, 14C, 66-69
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