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Title: Apparatus for Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis
Authors: Khosla, M C;Smeby, R R;Bumpus, F M
subject: Peptide synthesis;C-terminal;Peptide chain;Solid phase peptide synthesis
Year: 1967
Description: The apprataus, designed for solid phase peptide synthesis, consist of a round-bottom flask,rocked on a wrist-shaker,and fitted with a special dropping funnel and a fritted filter disc embedded with in the flask.The dropping funnel is designed to wash down the polymer adhering to the neck of the flask.Solvents are removed through the fritted disc. Entire synthesis, and the removal of peptide from the polymer,are carried out without opening or removing the vessel from the shaker.
Standard no: Science, 156, 1967, 253
Appears in Collections:Medicinal and Process Chemistry

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