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Title: Phenol Oxidation and Biosynthesis. Part XIV. (Alkaloids from croton species.Part VII.) The Biosynthesis Crotonosine.
Authors: Barton, D H R;Bhakuni, D S;Chapman, G M;Kirby, G W
subject: Croton linearis jacq;crotonosine;oxidative cyclisation;isococlaurine
Year: 1967
Description: The incorporation of (+ or -)-,(+)-,and (-)-coclaurine into crotonosine in Croton linearis Jacq has been investigated and the specific utilization of the (+)-isomer demonstrated.The isomeric (+ or -)-isococlaurine is not a precursor of crotonosine although (+ or -)-norcoclaurine is incorporated. The evedence supports the oxidative cyclisation of (+)-coclaurine to a dienone.
Standard no: j.chem.soc.(c) 1967,154,1295
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