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Title: Improved Microcombustion Technique for Carbon-HydrogenEstimation in Perhydro-polycyclic Compounds.I Steroids and Triterpenoids.
Authors: Saran, J;Khanna, P N;Banerji, Sukriti;Zaidi, S B N
subject: Carbon-Hydrogen;Perhydro-polycyclic Compounds;Microcombustion Technique;triterpenoids
Year: 1968
Description: Polycyclic compounds are known to give low carbon values by the conventional microanalytical methodl. During routine analysis over the last 15 years it has been found that perhydropolycyclic compounds, particularly those having angular methyl groups, give erroneous results using copper oxide or copper oxide-lead chromate filling. Analytical data of steroids, triterpenoids and similar compounds of natural origin reported in the literature frequently show more than 0.5 per cent deviation in carbon values2-11. In general the values are less for carbon than the calculated ones. It was, therefore, of interest to improve upon the existing methods and the present communication deals with such an attempt.
Standard no: Mikrochimica Acta [Wien] 1968, 1124,1128
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