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Title: A new protocol for masking and unmasking of vicinal hydroxyl and formyl groups in 6- hydroxyarene-1, 3-dicarboxaldehydes
Authors: Sashidhara, K V;Rosaiah, J N;Kumar, Abdhesh
subject: Schiff bases;Enamine;NMR spectroscopy;regioselectivity;masking;unmasking;2-hydroxy benzaldehydes.
Year: 2009
Description: A simple and efficient protocol is revealed for the masking and unmasking of α hydroxyl benzaldehyde group in aromatic dialdehydes, by foming a keto-enamine Schiff bases and subsequent unmasking by using NaN3/ DMF.
Standard no: Synthetic Communications, 39 (10) 2009, 1809 - 1816
Appears in Collections:Medicinal and Process Chemistry

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