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Title: Studies in Immuno-chemistry of Vibrio cholerae: Part I -Localization of Antigens in the Cells
Authors: Misra, S B;Shrivastava, D L
subject: Immuno-chemistry;Vibrio cholerae;Antigens;Cells
Year: 1959
Description: Cells of Vibrio cholerae (Ogawa sub-type) grown on agar have been disintegrated by mechanical and, sonic means and various fractions isolated by differential centrifugation. Employing the agar gel diffusion technique it has been shown that the vibrio cells contain at least seven antigens. Data have been presented to indicate the possibility of one of the antigens being polysaccharide in nature and responsible for the serological activity of the intact cells. Results now reported open up new lines of investigation for the elucidation of the antigenic mosaic in vibrio cells.
Standard no: Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research1959, 18C, 209-212
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