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Title: Isolation and identification of β-hematin inhibitors from Flacourtia indica as promising antiplasmodial agents
Authors: Sashidhara, K V;Singh, S P;Singh, S V;Srivastava, R K;Srivastava, Kumkum;Saxena, J K;Puri, S K
subject: β-hematin;Flacourtia indica;Plasmodium falciparum
Year: 2013
Description: An ethanolic extract (A001) of the leaves and twigs of Flacourtia indica (Burm.f.) Merr., was purified to give a new phenolic glycoside, 2-(2-benzoyl-β-glucopyranosyloxy)-7-(1α, 2α, 6α -trihydroxy-3-oxocyclo-hex-4-enoyl)-5-hydroxybenzyl alcohol (1 ) together with poliothrysoside (2), catechin-[5,6-e]-4β-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-dihydro-2(3H)-pyranone (3), 2-(6-benzoyl-β-glucopyranosyloxy)-7-(1α, 2α, 6α-trihydroxy-3-oxocyclo-hex-4-enoyl)-5-hydroxybenzyl alcohol (4), chrysoeriol-7-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (5) and mururin A (6). Compound 6 significantly inhibited the in vitro growth of both a chloroquine-sensitive (3D7) and a chloroquine-resistant (K1) strain of Plasmodium falciparum. It forms a complex with hematin and inhibits the β-hematin formation, suggesting that this compound act on a heme polymerization target.
Standard no: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2013, 60, 497-502
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