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Title: Chemical Examination of Bacopa monniera Wettst.: Part I -Isolation of Chemical Constituents
Authors: Chatterji, N;Rastogi, R P;Dhar, M L
subject: Bacopa monniera;Chemical Constituents
Year: 1963
Description: Two saponins designated as bacoside A [rn.p. 250-10 (decomp.)] and bacoside B [m.p. 2030 (decomp.)], betulic acid,ᴅ-rnannutol, stigmastanol, β -sitosterol and stigmasterol have been isolated from B, rnonniera. Whereas bacoside A has been obtained in the free state, bacoside B Could only be isolated as a mixed crystal with bacoside A . This mixed crystal [m.p. 2750 (decomp.)] has been resolved into the two saponins by partition chromatography over silica gel. On acid hydrolysis bacoside A gives three sugars two of which have been identified as glucose and arabinose. Bacoside B gives on hydrolysis glucose and arabinose.
Standard no: Indian Journal of Chemrstry 1963, 1(5), 212-215
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