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Title: Synthesis and antifilarial activity of chalcone-thiazole derivatives against a human lymphatic filarial parasite, Brugia malayi
Authors: Sashidhara, K V;Rao, K B;Kushwaha, Vikas;Modukuri, R K;Verma, Richa;Murthy, P K
subject: Brugia malayi;Microfilariae;Macrofilariae;Diethylcarbamazine;Albendazole;Ivermectin
Year: 2014
Description: Here we report the synthesis of novel chalcone-thiazole compounds and their antifilarial activity. The antifilarial properties of these hybrids were assessed against microfilariae as well as adult worms of Brugia malayi. Among all the synthesized compounds, only two compounds, namely 4g and 4n were identified to be promising in vitro. These active compounds were tested in B. malayi-jird (Meriones unguiculatus) and B. malayi- Mastomys coucha models. Compound 4n showed 100% embryostatic effect and 49% macrofilaricidal in jirds and M. coucha models, respectively. This study provides a new structural clue for the development of novel antifilarial lead molecules.
Standard no: European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2014, 81, 473-80
Appears in Collections:Medicinal and Process Chemistry

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