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Title: Lost in Translation: Obstacles to Translational Medicine
Authors: Mankoff, Stacey P.;Brander, Christian;Ferrone, Soldano;Marincola, Francesco M.
Year: 2004
Publisher: BioMed Central
Description: When we launched the Journal of Translational Medicine a few months ago, we were interested primarily in exploring scientific consideration of this discipline. However, as editors of JTM, we have been contacted almost daily to discuss the problems faced by scientists and clinicians around the world who are challenging the traditional boundaries of science and medicine. Through these conversations, we have learned that translational medicine is in fact "lost in translation," inspiring much angst, many promises and some Federal appropriations. However, little has been done to substantively promote this important field. Authoritative reviews on the subject are available to the interested reader [1-7]. In this article, we will address JTM's "constituency" to report what we've learned about the obstacles to translational medicine from the myriad of phone conversations and e-mail interactions.
Standard no: Mankoff, Stacey P, Christian Brander, Soldano Ferrone, and Francesco M Marincola. 2004. Lost in Translation: Obstacles to Translational Medicine. Journal of Translational Medicine 2: 14.
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