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2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2018Prevalence of blindness and cataract surgical coverage in Narayani Zone , Nepal : a rapid assessment of avoidable blindness ( RAAB ) studyPradhan, Sangita; Deshmukh, Avnish; Shrestha, Puspa Giri; Basnet, Prajwal; Kandel, Ram Prasad; Lewallen, Susan; Sapkota, Yuddha Dhoj; Bassett, Ken; Yin, Vivian T
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2018Role of microRNA-146a in regulation of fibrosis in orbital fibroblasts from patients with Graves ’ orbitopathyJang, Sun Young; Park, Seong Jun; Chae, Min Kyung; Lee, Joon H; Lee, Eun Jig
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2018Comparing optical coherence tomography radial and cube scan patterns for measuring Bruch ’ s membrane opening minimum rim width ( BMO-MRW ) in glaucoma and healthy eyes : cross-sectional and longitudinal analysisKabbara, Sami W; Zangwill, Linda M; Mundae, Rusdeep; Hammel, Naama; Bowd, Christopher; Medeiros, Felipe A; Weinreb, Robert N; Belghith, Akram
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (23).pdf.jpg2018Assessment of retinoblastoma RNA reflux after intravitreal injection of melphalanWinter, Ursula; Nicolas, Michael; Sgroi, Mariana; Sampor, Claudia; Torbidoni, Ana; Fandiño, Adriana; Chantada, Guillermo L; Munier, Francis L; Schaiquevich, Paula
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2018Comparing glaucomatous disc change using stereo disc viewing and the MatchedFlicker programme in glaucoma experts and traineesSchaefer, Jamie L; Meyer, Alissa M; Rodgers, Cooper D; Rosenberg, Nicole C; Leoncavallo, Anthony J; Lukowski, Zachary L; Greer, Anthony B; Martorana, Gina M; Zou, Baiming; Shuster, Jonathan J; Katz, L Jay; Schuman, Joel S; Kass, Michael A; Sherwood, Mark B
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2018Prospective study of glaucoma referrals across Europe : are we using resources wisely ?Founti, Panayiota; Topouzis, Fotis; Holló, Gábor; Cvenkel, Barbara; Iester, Michele; Haidich, Anna-bettina; Kóthy, Péter; Kiana, Anneta; Kolokotroni, Despoina; Viswanathan, Ananth C
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (2).pdf.jpg2018Advances in dry eye imaging : the present and beyondChan, Tommy C Y; Wan, Kelvin H; Shih, Kendrick C; Jhanji, Vishal
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (14).pdf.jpg2018Diagnosis of Lyme-associated uveitis : value of serological testing in a tertiary centreBernard, Alexia; Kodjikian, Laurent; Abukhashabh, Amro; Roure-sobas, Chantal; Boibieux, Andre; Denis, Philippe; Broussolle, Christiane; Seve, Pascal
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2018The interpretation of results of 10-2 visual fields should consider individual variability in the position of the optic disc and temporal rapheTanabe, Fumi; Matsumoto, Chota; Mckendrick, Allison M; Okuyama, Sachiko; Hashimoto, Shigeki; Shimomura, Yoshikazu
2018 BJoO Volume 102 Issue 3 March (11).pdf.jpg2018Repeatability of vessel density measurements of optical coherence tomography angiography in normal and glaucoma eyesVenugopal, Jayasree P; Rao, Harsha L; Weinreb, Robert N; Pradhan, Zia S; Dasari, Srilakshmi; Riyazuddin, Mohammed; Puttiah, Narenda K; Rao, Dhanraj A S; Devi, Sathi; Mansouri, Kaweh; Webers, Carroll A B

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