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Title: Optimization of N-Substituted Oseltamivir Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors of Group-1 and -2 Influenza A Neuraminidases, Including a Drug-Resistant Variant
Authors: Zhang, Jian;Poongavanam, Vasanthanathan;Kang, Dongwei;Bertagnin, Chiara;Lu, Huamei;Kong, Xiujie;Ju, Han;Lu, Xueyi;Gao, Ping;Tian, Ye;Jia, Haiyong;Desta, Samuel;Ding, Xiao;Sun, Lin;Fang, Zengjun;Huang, Boshi;Liang, Xuewu;Jia, Ruifang;Ma, Xiuli;Xu, Wenfang
subject: Medical Science
Year: 2018
Publisher: American Chemical Society
volume: Volume 61
issue: Issue 14
month: July
Appears in Collections:Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 2018

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