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Title: Prospective Monitoring Reveals Dynamic Levels of T Cell Immunity to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in HIV Infected Individuals
Authors: Chetty, Shivan;Govender, Pamla;Pillay, Mona;Jaggernath, Manjeetha;Ndung’u, Thumbi;Klenerman, Paul;Mitchell, Jessica E.;Kasmar, Anne G.;Walker, Bruce David;Kasprowicz, Victoria Olivia
subject: Biology;Immunology;Immune Cells;Immune Response;Immunologic Techniques;Microbiology;Virology;Co-Infections;Medicine;Clinical Immunology;Diagnostic Medicine;Infectious Diseases;Bacterial Diseases;Mycobacterium;Tuberculosis;Viral Diseases;HIV;Infectious Disease Control
Year: 2012
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Description: Monitoring of latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection may prevent disease. We tested an ESAT-6 and CFP-10-specific IFN-\(\gamma\) Elispot assay (RD1-Elispot) on 163 HIV-infected individuals living in a TB-endemic setting. An RD1-Elispot was performed every 3 months for a period of 3–21 months. 62% of RD1-Elispot negative individuals were positive by cultured Elispot. Fluctuations in T cell response were observed with rates of change ranging from −150 to +153 spot-forming cells (SFC)/200,000 PBMC in a 3-month period. To validate these responses we used an RD1-specific real time quantitative PCR assay for monokine-induced by IFN-\(\gamma\) (MIG) and IFN-\(\gamma\) inducible protein-10 (IP10) (MIG: r = 0.6527, p = 0.0114; IP-10: r = 0.6967, p = 0.0056; IP-10+MIG: r = 0.7055, p = 0.0048). During follow-up 30 individuals were placed on ARVs and 4 progressed to active TB. Fluctuations in SFC did not correlate with CD4 count, viral load, treatment initiation, or progression to active TB. The RD1-Elispot appears to have limited value in this setting.
Standard no: Mitchell, Jessica E., Shivan Chetty, Pamla Govender, Mona Pillay, Manjeetha Jaggernath, Anne Kasmar, Thumbi Ndung’u, Paul Klenerman, Bruce D. Walker, and Victoria O. Kasprowicz. 2012. Prospective monitoring reveals dynamic levels of T cell immunity to mycobacterium tuberculosis in HIV infected individuals. PLoS ONE 7(6): e37920.
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