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Title: Evaluation of Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitory Potential of Biofield Energy Treated DMEM by Determining cGMP Level in Human Endothelial Cell Line
Authors: Branton, Alice;Jana, Snehasis
subject: Biofield energy;The Trivedi effect®;cGMP;PDE-5;Sexual disorders;Endothelial hybrid cell;DMEM;Erectile dysfunction
Year: 26-Nov-2018
Publisher: Crimson Publishers
Citation: Alice B, Snehasis J. Evaluation of Phosphodiesterase-5 Inhibitory Potential of Biofield Energy Treated DMEM by Determining cGMP Level in Human Endothelial Cell Line. 2(4). Invest Gynecol Res Women’s Health. IGRWH.000542.2018. DOI: 10.31031/IGRWH.2018.02.000542
Abstract: Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder found in men, which occurs due to multiple factors such as psychogenic, hormonal imbalance, and neurovascular disturbances. The present investigation was undertaken to examine the effect of a Consciousness Energy Healing based DMEM medium on the Human Endothelial Hybrid Cell Line (EA. hy926) to evaluate the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). The test item (DMEM medium) was divided into three parts, first part received a one-time Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment by a renowned Biofield Energy Healer, Alice Branton and was labeled as the one-time Biofield Energy Treated (BT-I) DMEM, while second part received the two-times the Biofield Energy Treatment and is denoted as BT-II DMEM. The third part did not receive any treatment and defined as the untreated DMEM group. The level of cGMP for the inhibition of PDE-5 enzyme was assessed using cGMP ELISA assay kit (colorimetric). Sildenafil citrate, used as positive control, which showed a significant increase of cGMP levels in Ea. hy926 cells. The one-time Biofield Energy Healing Treated DMEM (BT-I) showed 29.92% alteration, while the two-times Biofield Energy Healing Treated DMEM (BT-II) showed a significantly (p≤0.001) increased level of intracellular cGMP by 307.09% in Ea. hy926 cells compared to the untreated DMEM group. Overall, experimental data suggested that the two-times Biofield Treated DMEM showed a significantly improved level of cGMP compared with the one-time Biofield Treated DMEM group. Therefore, data indicated that the Biofield Energy Healing Treatment can be used to treat erectile dysfunction along with other sexual disorders such as orgasmic disorders, female sexual arousal disorder, fetishistic disorder, frotteuristic disorder, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, sex addiction, sexual masochism and sadism, vaginismus, voyeuristic disorder, premature or delayed ejaculation.
ISSN: 2577-2015
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