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Title: Zoe Bray Cotton’s Yoga Burn Review
Other Titles: Yoga Burn PDF Free Download
Authors: Cotton, Zoe Bray
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Year: 28-Apr-2019
Publisher: Yoga Burn System
Abstract: Yoga Burn is a instructional yoga program that teaches you the specific yoga poses that increases your body’s metabolism to burn fat, and, at the same time, tone your whole body. The follow along yoga videos in the program can be streamed online via its private member page or be downloaded into your computer or smartphone. The program is split into 3 phases: Foundational Flow, Transitional Flow, and Mastery Flow. In each phase, there are 4 videos: instruction video, and 3 workout videos. And with the latest update (2017), you can now download the program’s instructional videos to your phone and follow along with it at the comfort of your home or anywhere you like. The Yoga Burn system makes it easy to start a yoga practice and get in the habit of doing it every day – even if you have no experience with yoga. You will be able to start from whatever point you are comfortable with, learning the basic moves and then expanding on that knowledge. It is the keeper of the secrets to maximising your yoga sessions and getting the flexibility and strength you have desired, whilst improving concentration and breathing. Specifically designed for women, this program is a concise and informative collation of the all relevant information to help you achieve the best you can from your workout regime. Created by Zoe Bray-Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, this program can help women from any walk of life to completely change their bodies. Focusing primarily on helping people to get the most out of yoga, Zoe’s dynamic sequencing strategy is what sets her Yoga Burn apart from other programs on the market. Yoga Burn is accessed entirely online and comprises a 12 week follow-along video series. Access the sequential videos via smartphone, tablet or PC and implement the valuable information anywhere with connectivity. Comprised of 3 unique phases, each phase lasts around 4 weeks and breaks yoga down into manageable chunks.
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