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Title: (PDF) The 1 Minute Weight Loss Review
Other Titles: The 1 Minute Weight Loss
Authors: Flatt, Brian
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Year: 5-May-2019
Publisher: 1 Minute Weight Loss System
Abstract: The ‘One Minute Weight Loss: The Truth About Exercise’ is a collection of the best tested, extremely effective and scientifically-proven ‘smart exercises’ which will help a person to lose weight with just an effort of one minute. These 60 seconds are a fundamental key to success in achieving your desired goal. A one-time smart exercise requires a minute of easy work out which has to be done daily five times a day making a total of 5 minutes daily. This video series is originated by Brian, a researcher and fitness instructor. He started finding it difficult to run during his high school’s daily 1-mile run. His breathing became faster, was heavily sweating and he came last. He had gone through a number of obstacles and hard work to be in better shape and wanted to live a healthy life as well. After failing so many times, he started researching on his own and the outcome is now widely known as ‘One Minute Weight Loss: The Truth About Exercise’. His work has become so popular that media has also covered him in a TV show, broadcasting his miraculous one minute workout. 1 Minute Weight Loss is a weight loss product that burns fat for women that interacts with the female metabolism to help accelerate the body to perform and lose weight. Your body as a female is hard wired to both fight its own chemistry in the effort to lose weight but also hold on to the fat and weight you have to allow you to be your healthiest for survival and keep your body at a healthy enough weight to reproduce and carry a child. The difference comes with a hormone in your body called leptin.
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