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Title: The Bromodomain Protein Brd4 Insulates Chromatin from DNA Damage Signaling
Authors: Floyd, Scott R.;Pacold, Michael E.;Huang, Qiuying;Clarke, Scott M.;Lam, Fred C.;Cannell, Ian G.;Bryson, Bryan D.;Rameseder, Jonathan;Lee, Michael J.;Blake, Emily J.;Fydrych, Anna;Ho, Richard;Greenberger, Benjamin A.;Chen, Grace C.;Maffa, Amanda;Del Rosario, Amanda M.;Root, David E.;Carpenter, Anne E.;Hahn, William C.;Sabatini, David M.;Chen, Clark C.;White, Forest M.;Bradner, James E.;Yaffe, Michael B.
Year: 2013
Standard no: Floyd, S. R., M. E. Pacold, Q. Huang, S. M. Clarke, F. C. Lam, I. G. Cannell, B. D. Bryson, et al. 2013. “The Bromodomain Protein Brd4 Insulates Chromatin from DNA Damage Signaling.” Nature 498 (7453): 246-250. doi:10.1038/nature12147.
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