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Title: Optimal Systolic Blood Pressure Target, Time-to-Intensification and Time-to-Follow-up in the Treatment of Hypertension
Authors: Xu, Wenxin
subject: Hypertension;Primary care;Epidemiology
Year: May-2014
Description: Objective: I sought to determine the systolic intensification threshold, time-to-intensification and time-to-follow-up associated with the lowest risk of cardiovascular events or death in primary care patients with hypertension. Methods: A retrospective cohort study of 88,756 patients was performed. Systolic intensification threshold, time-to-intensification and time-to-follow-up were analyzed with respect to risk of acute cardiovascular event or death. The Cox model was adjusted for age, sex, smoking status, socioeconomic deprivation, history of diabetes, cardiovascular disease or CKD, Charlson Comorbidity Index, BMI, medication possession ratio, and baseline blood pressure. Results: During median follow-up of 37.4 months, 9,985 participants experienced acute cardiovascular event or death (11.3%). Systolic intensification thresholds of 130-150 mmHg were associated with no difference in risk, while higher thresholds were associated with progressively greater risk. Risk increased progressively from the lowest (0-1.4 months) to the highest quintile of time to medication intensification. The highest quintile of time to-follow-up (>2.7 months) was also associated with increased risk. Conclusions: Systolic intensification threshold higher than 150 mmHg, delays of greater than 1.4 months before medication intensification following systolic blood pressure elevation, and delays of greater than 2.7 months before blood pressure follow-up following medication intensification were associated with increased risk for acute cardiovascular events or death.
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