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Title: Legal Disputes over Duties to Disclose Treatment Risks to Patients: A Review of Negligence Claims and Complaints in Australia
Authors: Bismark, Marie M.;Gogos, Andrew J.;Clark, Richard B.;Gruen, Russell L.;Gawande, Atul Atmaram;Studdert, David Michael
subject: Medicine;Public Health;Behavioral and Social Aspects of Health;Surgery;Social and Behavioral Sciences;Law;Medical Law
Year: 2012
Publisher: Public Library of Science
Description: David Studdert and colleagues identified disputes over informed consent among malpractice claims and serious health care complaints in Australia and provide an analysis of disagreements between patients and doctors over whether particular clinical risks should have been disclosed before treatment.
Standard no: Bismark, Marie M., Andrew J. Gogos, Richard B. Clark, Russell L. Gruen, Atul A. Gawande, and David M. Studdert. 2012. Legal disputes over duties to disclose treatment risks to patients: a review of negligence claims and complaints in Australia. PLoS Medicine 9(8): e1001283.
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