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Title: 04. Experiential Integrative Approaches to Heart Health
Authors: Haramati, Adi;Eisenberg, David;Devries, Stephen
Year: 2013
Publisher: Global Advances in Health and Medicine
Description: Focus Areas: Integrative Approaches to Care, Experiential Workshop This session will highlight two of the most important, yet frequently overlooked, determinants of heart health: mind-body interactions and nutrition. These areas will be explored through didactic and experiential learning. The session will begin with a short presentation by Dr Adi Haramati on the physiology of stress and the scientific basis for mind-body approaches to de-stress, followed by an experiential autogenic exercise that will allow participants to track their own vascular response to a relaxation exercise (using skin thermistors). Dr David Eisenberg will then provide a short presentation on national and global trends in the areas of nutrition, obesity, and diabetes and will discuss the relationship between health professionals’ personal self-care behaviors and the frequency with which they advise their patients about these same behaviors. A cooking demonstration will showcase simple techniques that healthcare professionals can use and share with their patients to convey the fact that healthy foods can also be easy to make, convenient, affordable, and “craveably” delicious. Dr Stephen Devries will complete the presentation with a review of recent clinical studies highlighting the efficacy of nutrition and mind-body interventions on heart health. Practical recommendations for incorporating integrative strategies into heart care will be emphasized.
Standard no: Haramati, Adi, David Eisenberg, and Stephen Devries. 2013. “04. Experiential Integrative Approaches to Heart Health.” Global Advances in Health and Medicine 2 (Suppl): S90. doi:10.7453/gahmj.2013.097CP.S04.
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