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Title: Differential associations of leptin with adiposity across early childhood
Authors: Boeke, Caroline E.;Mantzoros, Christos S.;Hughes, Michael D.;Rifas-Shiman, Sheryl L.;Villamor, Eduardo;Zera, Chloe A.;Gillman, Matthew W.
subject: leptin;body mass index (BMI);Children
Year: 2013
Description: Objective: We examined associations of perinatal and 3-year leptin with weight gain and adiposity through 7 years. Design and Methods In Project Viva, we assessed plasma leptin from mothers at 26–28 weeks’ gestation (n=893), umbilical cord vein at delivery (n=540), and children at 3 years (n=510) in relation to body mass index (BMI) z-score, waist circumference, skinfold thicknesses, and dual X-ray absorptiometry body fat. Results: 50.1% of children were male and 29.5% non-white. Mean(SD) maternal, cord, and age 3 leptin concentrations were 22.9(14.2), 8.8(6.4), and 1.8(1.7) ng/mL, respectively, and 3- and 7-year BMI z-scores were 0.46(1.00) and 0.35(0.97), respectively. After adjusting for parental and child characteristics, higher maternal and cord leptin was associated with less 3- year adiposity. For example, mean 3-year BMI z-score was 0.5 lower (95%CI:−0.7,−0.2; p-trend=0.003) among children whose mothers’ leptin concentrations were in the top vs. bottom quintile. In contrast, higher age 3 leptin was associated with greater weight gain and adiposity through age 7 [e.g., change in BMI z-score from 3 to 7 years was 0.2 units (95%CI:−0.0,0.4; p-trend=0.05)]. Conclusions: Higher perinatal leptin was associated with lower 3-year adiposity, whereas higher age 3 leptin was associated with greater weight gain and adiposity by 7 years.
Standard no: Boeke, Caroline E., Christos S. Mantzoros, Michael D. Hughes, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Eduardo Villamor, Chloe A. Zera, and Matthew W. Gillman. 2013. “Differential associations of leptin with adiposity across early childhood.” Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.) 21 (7): 1430-1437. doi:10.1002/oby.20314.
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