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Title: J-2-Vol-168-Issue-10-Oct-2014
Abstract: EDITORIALS 897 Exercise Is Just as Important as Your Medication Joseph S. Alpert 899 The Lungs in Acute Mountain Sickness: Victim, Perpetrator, or Both? Erik R. Swenson COMMENTARIES 901 TIA for the Internist Shuhan Zhu and Michael D. Perloff 903 Philanthropy, Medical Research, and the Role of Development Jane L. Wheeler, Steven A. Rum, and Scott M. Wright REVIEWS 905 Exercise as a Therapeutic Intervention in Patients with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease: An Underfilled Prescription William E. Boden, Barry Franklin, Kathy Berra, William L. Haskell, Karen J. Calfas, Franklin H. Zimmerman, and Nanette K. Wenger Regular exercise is arguably one of the most costeffective yet underused interventions for patients with stable ischemic heart disease. 912 Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Update on Diagnosis and Treatment Tracy L. Setji and Ann J. Brown Polycystic ovary syndrome affects 6-25% of reproductive aged women, depending on the definition. Thanks to research over the past 3 decades, Polycystic Ovary syndrome has gone from relative medical obscurity to a condition increasingly recognized as common in internal medicine practices. 920 Black Physicians and the Struggle for Civil Rights: Lessons from the Mississippi Experience Part 1: The Forces for and Against Change Richard D. deShazo, Robert Smith, and Leigh Baldwin Skipworth The story of black physicians in the South during the period leading up to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 is one of disenfranchised professionals who risked life, limb, and personal success to improve the lot of those they served. PHYSICAL FINDINGS 926 Isolated Hypoglossal Nerve Paralysis Yu-Guang Chen, Ming-Shen Dai, Ching-Liang Ho, and Tzu-Chuan Huang A8 DIAGNOSTIC DILEMMA 928 Prolonged Pyrexia and Hepatitis: Q fever Caitlin Dugdale, Brian Chow, Evgeny Yakirevich, Erna Kojic, and Bettina Knoll IMAGES IN DERMATOLOGY 931 A Topical Matter: Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Barry Ladizinski and Christopher Sankey IMAGES IN RADIOLOGY 933 Tiny Bubbles: Coronary Aneurysms and Lupus Giuseppe Famularo, Andrea Vallone, Mario Compagnucci, Gabriele Capo, Giovanni Minisola, and Laura Gasbarrone 936 A Curious Cause of Cavitations: Nocardia Pneumonia Jose M. Pacheco and Deborah Goldberg CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDIES 939 Clinical Outcomes with b-Blockers for Myocardial Infarction: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials Sripal Bangalore, Harikrishna Makani, Martha Radford, Kamia Thakur, Bora Toklu, Stuart D. Katz, James J. DiNicolantonio, P.J. Devereaux, Karen P. Alexander, Jorn Wetterslev, and Franz H. Messerli In contemporary practice of treatment of myocardial infarction, b-blockers have no mortality benefit but reduce recurrent myocardial infarction and angina (short-term) at the expense of increase in heart failure, cardiogenic shock and drug discontinuation. 954 Discharge Heart Rate and Mortality after Acute Myocardial Infarction Marie France Seronde, Raghed Geha, Etienne Puymirat, Aurès Chaib, Tabassome Simon, Laurence Berard, Elodie Drouet, Vincent Bataille, Nicolas Danchin, and François Schiele Patients discharged with a high heart rate (>75 beats per minute) are at higher risk of death during the first year. 963 New-onset Atrial Fibrillation Predicts Heart Failure Progression Ryan G. Aleong, William H. Sauer, Gordon Davis, and Michael R. Bristow In addition to being a discrete electrophysiologic event, in heart failure patients new onset atrial fibrillation is a predictor of and trigger for clinical heart failure progression. 972 Prior History of Falls and Risk of Outcomes in Atrial Fibrillation: The Loire Valley Atrial Fibrillation Project Amitava Banerjee, Nicolas Clementy, Ken Haguenoer, Laurent Fauchier, and Gregory Y.H. Lip In this atrial fibrillation cohort, prior history of falls was uncommon but independently increased risk of stroke/thromboembolism, bleeding and mortality, but not haemorrhagic stroke in the presence of anticoagulation. 979 Stroke and Bleeding Risk Co-distribution in Real-world Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: The Euro Heart Survey Maura Marcucci, Gregory Y.H. Lip, Robby Nieuwlaat, Ron Pisters, Harry J.G.M. Crijns, and Alfonso Iorio In a real-world atrial fibrillation population, this research team confirmed that the cardio-embolic and bleeding risk classifications are correlated, but not exchangeable. 987 Statins and Contrast-induced Acute Kidney Injury with Coronary Angiography Sumeet Gandhi, Wassim Mosleh, Husam Abdel-Qadir, and Michael E. Farkouh Statin therapy prevents the development of contrast induced acute kidney injury in patients undergoing coronary angiography and/or percutaneous intervention. 1001 Inhaled Budesonide and Oral Dexamethasone Prevent Acute Mountain Sickness Cheng-Rong Zheng, Guo-Zhu Chen, Jie Yu, Jun Qin, Pan Song, Shi-Zhu Bian, Bai-Da Xu, Xu-Gang Tang, Yong-Tao Huang, Xiao Liang, Jie Yang, and Lan Huang In this research study, both inhaled budesonide and oral dexamethasone were effective for the prevention of acute mountain sickness, especially its severe form, compared with placebo. A9 AJM ONLINE Please note that articles with an “e” page designation are available only in the online version of the Journal at REVIEW 1010.e1 Autoimmune Pancreatitis: Updated Concepts of a Challenging Diagnosis Brian Morse, Barbara Centeno, and Shivakumar Vignesh Autoimmune pancreatitis is a benign inflammatory process. There are two subtypes with distinct clinical and pathologic features. Type 1 is a manifestation of a systemic process, while Type 2 involves only the pancreas. CLINICAL RESEARCH STUDIES 1010.e11 Ruling Out Legionella in Communityacquired Pneumonia Sebastian Haubitz, Fabienne Hitz, Lena Graedel, Marcus Batschwaroff, Timothy Lee Wiemken, Paula Peyrani, Julio A. Ramirez, Christoph Andreas Fux, Beat Mueller, and Philipp Schuetz Risk of Legionella pneumophila in patients presenting with community-acquired pneumonia can be estimated with a clinical score based on 6 readily available clinical and laboratory variables. 1010.e21 Perceptions of Electronic Health Record Implementation: A Statewide Survey of Physicians in Rhode Island Matthew C. Wylie, Rosa R. Baier, and Rebekah L. Gardner In Rhode Island, 81% physicians use electronic health record software. Younger age, more patients with Medicaid insurance, hospital practice, large group practice, primary care practice, and non-surgical specialization are associated with increased electronic health record use. BRIEF OBSERVATION 1011.e1 Estimating Iron Overload in Patients with Suspected Liver Disease and Elevated Serum Ferritin Pietro E. Cippà, Irena Boucsein, Heiner Adams, and Pierre-Alexandre Krayenbuehl CLINICAL COMMUNICATIONS TO THE EDITOR e1 Sudden Cardiac Death: Refining Risk Stratification by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Irbaz bin Riaz, Tam H. Truong, and Rajesh Janardhanan e3 Tuberculosis: Forgetting can be Fatal Manoj Ray, David McCollum, and A. Edward Khan e5 Patient Fraud: A Tale of Two Tales Joseph E. Maakaron, Naveen Manchanda, Allen Hoang, and Christopher Steinmetz LETTERS e7 Progestins are Efficient Agents in Estrogensensitive Nonhistaminic Angioedema Anne Gompel, Olivier Fain, and Laurence Bouillet e9 The Reply Konrad Bork and Jochen Hardt e11 Thromboprophylaxis in Medical Inpatients with Cancer Sofia Barbar, Valeria Rossetto, and Paolo Prandoni e13 The Reply Marc Carrier, Alok A. Khorana, and Jeffrey I. Zwicker e15 Bacteriuria in Delirious Individuals Michael S. Gelfand, Shirin A. Mazumder, and Kerry O. Cleveland e17 The Reply Robin McKenzie and Thomas E. Finucane e19 Myocardial Ischemic Events in ‘Real World’ Patients Treated with Dabigatran Rahman Shah A10 e21 The Reply Torben Bjerregaard Larsen, Lars Hvilsted Rasmussen, Anders Gorst-Rasmussen, Flemming Skjøth, Mary Rosenzweig, Deirdre A. Lane, and Gregory Y.H. Lip e23 Acupuncture is More Than Placebo Treatment Mary van den Berg-Wolf e25 Placebo and Number Needed to Treat Alain Braillon e27 The Reply Morton E. Tavel e29 Effect of a siRNA on the Cost and Quality of American Medicine Fernando Elijovich BRIEF OBSERVATION 1012 Long-term Outcomes of Enhanced Depression Treatment in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes Siqin Ye, Jonathan A. Shaffer, Nina Rieckmann, Joseph E. Schwartz, Ian M. Kronish, Joseph A. Ladapo, William Whang, Matthew M. Burg, and Karina W. Davidson AAIM PERSPECTIVES 1017 The Costs of Training Internal Medicine Residents in the United States Ron Ben-Ari, Richard J. Robbins, Sailaja Pindiprolu, Allan Goldman, and Polly E. Parsons MEDICAL HUMANITIES 1024 Portrayal of a Profession: The Art of Norman Rockwell Jagdeep Singh Gandhi CLASSIFIED ADS B1 Positions available
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