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2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (2).pdf.jpg2018The impact of weather, road surface, time-of-day, and light conditions on severity of bicycle-motor vehicle crash injuriesAsgarzadeh, Morteza; Fischer, Dorothee; Verma, Santosh K.; Courtney, Theodore K.; Christiani, David C.
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (9).pdf.jpg2018Recovering missing mesothelioma deaths in death certificates using hospital recordsSantana, Vilma S.; Algranti, Eduardo; Campos, Felipe; Cavalcante, Franciana; Salvi, Leonardo; Santos, Simone a.; Inamine, Rosemeire N.; Souza, William; Consonni, Dario
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (10).pdf.jpg2018Clinical and laboratory factors contributing to uninterpretable beryllium lymphocyte proliferation tests (BeLPT)Smith, Derek E.; Golden, Ashley P.; Stange, Arthur W.; Barker, Elizabeth; Mroz, Margaret; Barón, Anna E.; Ghosh, Debashis; Maier, Lisa; Cragle, Donna; Newman, Lee S.
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (7).pdf.jpg2018Melanoma, thyroid cancer, and gynecologic cancers in a cohort of female flight attendants Background: Flight attendants may have an increased risk of some cancers fromPinkerton, Lynne E; Hein, Misty J; Anderson, Jeri L; Christianson, Annette Ms; Little, Mark P; Sigurdson, Alice J; Schubauer-Berigan, Mary K; Lynne Pinkerton, Correspondence E
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (5).pdf.jpg2018Continued increase in lung transplantation for coal workers' pneumoconiosis in the United StatesBlackley, David J.; Halldin, Cara N.; Laney, a. Scott
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (6).pdf.jpg2018Occupational diseases in Italian national priority contaminated sitesMarinaccio, Alessandro; Binazzi, Alessandra; Bonafede, Michela; Altimari, Antonella; Boscioni, Roberto; Corfiati, Marisa; Clemente, Marta; Brusco, Adelina
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (8).pdf.jpg2018Autoimmune antibodies and asbestos exposure: Evidence from Wittenoom, Western AustraliaReid, Alison; Franklin, Peter; de Klerk, Nick; Creaney, Jenette; Brims, Fraser; Musk, Bill; Pfau, Jean
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (3).pdf.jpg2018Review on the adverse health effects of asbestiform antigorite, a non-regulated asbestiform serpentine mineralBaur, Xaver
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2018Dose-response relationships between internally-deposited uranium and select health outcomes in gaseous diffusion plant workers , 1948-2011Yiin, James H; Tollerud, David J; Anderson, Jeri L; Bertke, Stephen J
2018 AJoIM Volume 61 Issue 7 July (1).pdf.jpg2018Issue InformationMarkowitz, Steven B; Landsbergis, Paul; Bingham, Eula; Anderson, Henry A; Frank, Arthur L; Halperin, William E; Wolff, Mary S; Lemen, Richard A; Rom, William N; Wegman, David H; Kipen, Howard M

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