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Abstract: Editorial. Reviewer Assistance: Focus on Comments to Authors and Manuscript Decisions Thomas H. Berquist American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:697-69 8. 10.2214/AJR.14.13497 Physics Minimodule. Radiation Cataracts: New Data and New Recommendations G. Donald Frey American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W345-W346. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11242 Review. A Case-Based Approach to Common Embolization Agents Used in Vascular Interventional Radiology Avinash Medsinge, Albert Zajko, Philip Orons, Nikhil Amesur, Ernesto Santos American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:699-708. 10.2214/AJR.14.12480 Review. Percutaneous Strategies for the Management of Pulmonary Parenchymal, Chest Wall, and Pleural Metastases Quazi Z. Al-Tariq American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:709-716. 10.2214/AJR.14.12615 Review. Catheter-Based Treatments for Hepatic Metastases From Neuroendocrine Tumors Kenneth J. Kolbeck, Khashayar Farsad American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:717-724. 10.2214/AJR.14.12983 Review. Interventional Radiology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Breast: A Historical Review and Future Perspective Based on Currently Available Techniques Kenneth R. Tomkovich American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:725-733. 10.2214/AJR.14.12994 Review. The Value Proposition of Structured Reporting in Interventional Radiology Jeremy C. Durack American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:734-738. 10.2214/AJR.14.13112 Clinical Perspective. Clinical and Radiologic Evaluation of Patients Before TIPS Creation Khashayar Farsad, Kenneth J. Kolbeck American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:739-745. 10.2214/AJR.14.12999 Clinical Perspective. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: 11 Years Later—A Radiology Perspective Apoorva Gogna, Kiang Hiong Tay, Bien Soo Tan American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:746-748. 10.2214/AJR.14.13062 Review. Essentials of Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Imaging: Preprocedural Assessment Andrew C. Picel, Nikhil Kansal American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W347-W357. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11735 Review. Essentials of Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Imaging: Postprocedure Surveillance and Complications Andrew C. Picel, Nikhil Kansal American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W358-W372. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11736 Review. Angiographic Anatomy of the Male Pelvic Arteries Tiago Bilhim, José António Pereira, Lúcia Fernandes, Hugo Rio Tinto, João M. Pisco American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W373-W382. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11687 Review. Multidimensional MDCT Angiography in the Context of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation Ajit H. Goenka, Paul Schoenhagen, Michael A. Bolen, Milind Y. Desai American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:749-758. 10.2214/AJR.13.12159 Original Research. Safety of an IV β-Adrenergic Blockade Protocol for Heart Rate Optimization Before Coronary CT Angiography Rahil H. Kassamali, Daniel H. Kim, Hiten Patel, Nitin Raichura, Edward T. D. Hoey, James Hodson, Shahid Hussain American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:759-762. 10.2214/AJR.13.11492 Original Research. Improved Accuracy of Pulmonary Embolism Computer-Aided Detection Using Iterative Reconstruction Compared With Filtered Back Projection Kian Lahiji, Seth Kligerman, Jean Jeudy, Charles White American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:763-771. 10.2214/AJR.13.11838 Original Research. Submillisievert Chest CT With Filtered Back Projection and Iterative Reconstruction Techniques Atul Padole, Sarabjeet Singh, Jeanne B. Ackman, Carol Wu, Synho Do, Sarvenaz Pourjabbar, Ranish Deedar Ali Khawaja, Alexi Otrakji, Subba Digumarthy, Jo- Anne Shepard, Mannudeep Kalra American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:772-781. 10.2214/AJR.13.12312 Clinical Perspective. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERSCoV) Infection: Chest CT Findings Amr M. Ajlan, Rayan A. Ahyad, Lamia Ghazi Jamjoom, Ahmed Alharthy, Tariq A. Madani American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:782-787. 10.2214/AJR.14.13021 Original Research. Chronic Respiratory Symptoms Associated With Airway Wall Thickening Measured by Thin-Slice Low-Dose CT Xueqian Xie, Akkelies E. Dijkstra, Judith M. Vonk, Matthijs Oudkerk, Rozemarijn Vliegenthart, Harry J. M. Groen American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W383-W390. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11536 Clinical Perspective. Demystifying NUT Midline Carcinoma: Radiologic and Pathologic Correlations of an Aggressive Malignancy Ryan J. Bair, Jeffrey F. Chick, Nikunj R. Chauhan, Christopher French, Rachna Madan American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W391-W399. 10.2214/ AJR.13.12401 Original Research. Metal Artifact Reduction Software Used With Abdominopelvic Dual-Energy CT of Patients With Metal Hip Prostheses: Assessment of Image Quality and Clinical Feasibility Seung Chol Han, Yong Eun Chung, Young Han Lee, Kwan Kyu Park, Myeong Jin Kim, Ki Whang Kim American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:788-795. 10.2214/AJR.13.10980 Original Research. Dose-Toxicity Relationship of Gadoxetate Disodium and Transient Severe Respiratory Motion Artifact Matthew S. Davenport, Mustafa R. Bashir, Jason A. Pietryga, Joseph T. Weber, Shokoufeh Khalatbari, Hero K. Hussain American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:796-802. 10.2214/AJR.13.11587 Original Research. Differentiation of Malignant From Benign Focal Splenic Lesions: Added Value of Diffusion-Weighted MRI Kyung Mi Jang, Seong Hyun Kim, Jiyoung Hwang, Soon Jin Lee, Tae Wook Kang , Min Woo Lee, Dongil Choi American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:803-812. 10.2214/AJR.13.11914 Original Research. Lymphoid Nodular Hyperplasia of the Terminal Ileum Can Mimic Active Crohn Disease on MR Enterography Andrew A. Plumb, Douglas A. Pendsé, Sara McCartney, Shonit Punwani, Steve Halligan, Stuart A. Taylor American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W400-W407. 10.2214/ AJR.13.12055 Original Research. Inflammatory Hepatocellular Adenomas Can Mimic Focal Nodular Hyperplasia on Gadoxetic Acid–Enhanced MRI Sheela Agarwal, Jorge M. Fuentes-Orrego, Thomas Arnason, Joseph Misdraji, Kartik S. Jhaveri, Mukesh Harisinghani, Peter F. Hahn American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W408-W414. 10.2214/ AJR.13.12251 Original Research. MRI Findings After Prostatic Artery Embolization for Treatment of Benign Hyperplasia Nathan E. Frenk, Ronaldo H. Baroni, Francisco C. Carnevale, Octavio M. G. Gonçalves, Alberto A. Antunes, Miguel Srougi, Giovanni G. Cerri American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:813-821. 10.2214/AJR.13.11692 Original Research. Intraoperative Sonography During Open Partial Nephrectomy for Renal Cell Cancer: Does It Alter Surgical Management? Priya R. Bhosale, Wei Wei, Randy D. Ernst, Tharakeswara K. Bathala, Rhoda M. Reading, Christopher G. Wood, Deepak G. Bedi American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:822-827. 10.2214/AJR.13.12254 Original Research. Craniocaudal Retroperitoneal Node Length as a Risk Factor for Relapse From Clinical Stage I Testicular Germ Cell Tumor Stephanie A. Howard, Kathryn P. Gray, Elizabeth K. O'Donnell, Fiona M. Fennessy, Clair J. Beard, Christopher J. Sweeney American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W415-W420. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11615 Original Research. In-Phase Signal Intensity Loss in Solid Renal Masses on Dual- Echo Gradient-Echo MRI: Association With Malignancy and Pathologic Classification David D. Childs, M. Jennings Clingan, Ronald J. Zagoria, Joseph Sirintrapun, Kaan Tangtiang, Andrea Anderson, John R. Leyendecker American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W421-W428. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11113 Original Research. JOURNAL CLUB: Renal Masses Detected at Abdominal CT: Radiologists' Adherence to Guidelines Regarding Management Recommendations and Communication of Critical Results Cleo K. Maehara, Stuart G. Silverman, Ronilda Lacson, Ramin Khorasani American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:828-834. 10.2214/AJR.13.11497 Opinion. Innovating for the Developing World: Meeting the Affordability Challenge H. Benjamin Harvey, Roy Ahn, Daniel D. Price, Thomas F. Burke American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:835-837. 10.2214/AJR.14.12484 Original Research. Nonlinear Image Blending for Dual-Energy MDCT of the Abdomen: Can Image Quality Be Preserved If the Contrast Medium Dose Is Reduced? Achille Mileto, Juan Carlos Ramirez-Giraldo, Daniele Marin, Marcela Alfaro- Cordoba, Christian D. Eusemann, Emanuele Scribano, Alfredo Blandino, Silvio Mazziotti, Giorgio Ascenti American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:838-845. 10.2214/AJR.13.12179 Original Research. Graphic Representation of Clinical Symptoms: A Tool for Improving Detection of Subtle Fractures on Foot Radiographs Ammar Sarwar, Jim S. Wu, Justin Kung, Alexander Brook, Karen S. Lee, Jean- Marc Gauguet, Max P. Rosen American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W429-W433. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11932 Original Research. Introduction of an Effective Method for the Optimization of CT Protocols Using Iterative Reconstruction Algorithms: Comparison With Patient Data Sofia D. Kordolaimi, Ioannis Saradeas, Agapi Ploussi, Ioannis Pantos, Stylianos Argentos, Efstathios P. Efstathopoulos American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W434-W439. 10.2214/ AJR.13.11973 Review. Fractures of the Distal Radius: Postmanagement Radiographic Characterization Jack A. Porrino, Ezekiel Maloney, Kurt Scherer, Hyojeong Mulcahy, Alice S. Ha , Christopher Allan American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:846-853. 10.2214/AJR.13.12141 Original Research. Tumor Load in Patients With Multiple Myeloma: β2- Microglobulin Levels Versus Whole-Body MRI Melvin D'Anastasi, Mike Notohamiprodjo, Gerwin P. Schmidt, Hans-Roland Dürr, Maximilian Ferdinand Reiser, Andrea Baur-Melnyk American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:854-862. 10.2214/AJR.13.10724 Original Research. Evaluation of Periprosthetic Bone Cysts in Patients With a Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement: Weight-Bearing Conventional Digital Radiographs Versus Weight-Bearing Multiplanar Reconstructed Fluoroscopic Imaging Janni Jensen, Johnny Frøkjær, Oke Gerke, Lise Ludvigsen, Trine Torfing American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:863-868. 10.2214/AJR.13.11539 Original Research. Reliability of the Spinal Instability Neoplastic Scale Among Radiologists: An Assessment of Instability Secondary to Spinal Metastases Charles G. Fisher, Anne L. Versteeg, Rowan Schouten, Stefano Boriani, Peter P. Varga, Laurence D. Rhines, Manraj K. S. Heran, Norio Kawahara, Daryl Fourney, Jeremy J. Reynolds, Michael G. Fehlings, Ziya L. Gokaslan American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:869-874. 10.2214/AJR.13.12269 Review. Infrared Thermal Imaging in the Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Injuries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Enrique Sanchis-Sánchez, Carlos Vergara-Hernández, Rosa M. Cibrián, Rosario Salvador, Enrique Sanchis, Pilar Codoñer-Franch American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:875-882. 10.2214/AJR.13.11716 Original Research. Contrast-Enhanced Radial 3D Fat-Suppressed T1-Weighted Gradient-Recalled Echo Sequence Versus Conventional Fat-Suppressed Contrast- Enhanced T1-Weighted Studies of the Head and Neck Xin Wu, Eytan Raz, Tobias K. Block, Christian Geppert, Mari Hagiwara, Mary T. Bruno, Girish M. Fatterpekar American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:883-889. 10.2214/AJR.13.11729 Original Research. Transverse Sinus Stenosis in Adult Patients With Chiari Malformation Type I Amit M. Saindane, Beau B. Bruce, Nilesh K. Desai, Lauren A. Roller, Nancy J. Newman, Valérie Biousse American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:890-896. 10.2214/AJR.14.12528 Original Research. Prognostic Value of FDG PET Metabolic Tumor Volume in Human Papillomavirus–Positive Stage III and IV Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Krishna C. Alluri, Abdel K. Tahari, Richard L. Wahl, Wayne Koch, Christine H. Chung, Rathan M. Subramaniam American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:897-903. 10.2214/AJR.14.12497 Original Research. Significant Dose Reduction for Pediatric Digital Subtraction Angiography Without Impairing Image Quality: Preclinical Study in a Piglet Model John Racadio, Keith Strauss, Todd Abruzzo, Manish Patel, Kamlesh Kukreja, Neil Johnson, Mark den Hartog, Bart Hoornaert, Rami Nachabe American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:904-908. 10.2214/AJR.13.12170 Original Research. Dynamic Gadolinium-Enhanced MRI of the Proximal Femur: Preliminary Experience in Healthy Children Maria A. Bedoya, Camilo Jaimes, D'mitry Khrichenko, Jorge Delgado, Bernard J. Dardzinski, Diego Jaramillo American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W440-W446. 10.2214/ AJR.13.12341 Original Research. Impact of Computer-Aided Detection Systems on Radiologist Accuracy With Digital Mammography Elodia B. Cole, Zheng Zhang, Helga S. Marques, R. Edward Hendrick, Martin J. Yaffe, Etta D. Pisano American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:909-916. 10.2214/AJR.12.10187 Original Research. Is the Upgrade Rate of Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia Diagnosed by Core Needle Biopsy of Calcifications Different for Digital and Film-Screen Mammography? Carol T. McLaughlin, Colleen H. Neal, Mark A. Helvie American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:917-922. 10.2214/AJR.13.11862 MEDICOLEGAL—Malpractice and Ethical Issues in Radiology Leonard Berlin American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W447-W448. 10.2214/ AJR.14.12687 A Fifth Mesh Appearance: The Gas Density Mesh Meir H. Scheinfeld, Laura L. Avery American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W449. 10.2214/AJR.13.12429 Differentiation of Hepatolithiasis and Intrahepatic Pneumobilia Lionel Arrivé American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W450. 10.2214/AJR.14.12580 Three-Tiered System for Incidental Thyroid Nodules: Do Not Forget the Calcifications Alexis Lacout, Mostafa El Hajjam, Pierre-Yves Marcy American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W451-W452. 10.2214/AJR.14.12595 Reply to “Three-Tiered System for Incidental Thyroid Nodules: Do Not Forget the Calcifications” Jenny K. Hoang American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W453. 10.2214/AJR.14.12650 Central-Variant Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: More Than Meets the Eye Bo Gao, Cui Lv American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W454. 10.2214/AJR.14.12671 Reply to “Central-Variant Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome: More Than Meets the Eye” Alexander M. McKinney American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W455. 10.2214/AJR.14.12824 Enlarged CSF Spaces in Pseudotumor Cerebri Diego San Millán, Romain Kohler American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W457-W458. 10.2214/ AJR.14.12787 Reply to “Enlarged CSF Spaces in Pseudotumor Cerebri” Amit M. Saindane, Beau B. Bruce American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:459. 10.2214/AJR.14.12916 Supporting Informed Choice Before Screening Mammography Is the Only Ethical Option John D. Keen American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W460. 10.2214/AJR.14.12881 Reply to “Supporting Informed Choice Before Screening Mammography Is the Only Ethical Option” Marcia C. Javitt American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:W461. 10.2214/AJR.14.12928 Corrections American Journal of Roentgenology. 2014;203:923. 10.2214/AJR.14.13616 AJR:203, October 2014 697
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