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2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (43).pdf.jpg2017Increased risk of disordered eating in polycystic ovary syndromeLee, Iris; Cooney, Laura G.; Saini, Shailly; Smith, Maria E.; Sammel, Mary D.; Allison, Kelly C.; Dokras, Anuja
2017 FS Volume 107 Supplement 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2017Enrichment of genetic variants related to infertility in females seeking fertility treatmentParets, Sasha E.; Pollock, Andrew; Shraga, Roman; Akana, Matthew; Jansen, Michael; Bisignano, Alexander; Puig, Oscar
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2017Serum and follicular fluid monocyte chemotactic protein-1 levels are elevated in obese women and are associated with poorer clinical pregnancy rate after in vitro fertilization: a pilot studyBuyuk, Erkan; Asemota, Obehi a.; Merhi, Zaher; Charron, Maureen J.; Berger, Dara S.; Zapantis, Athena; Jindal, Sangita K.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (19).pdf.jpg2017Time-lapse imaging reveals differences in growth dynamics of embryos after in vitro maturation compared with conventional stimulationRoesner, Sabine; Dietrich, Jens Erik; Weigert, Julia; Montag, Markus; Toth, Bettina; Strowitzki, Thomas
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (44).pdf.jpg2017Increased expression of integrin-linked kinase during decidualization regulates the morphological transformation of endometrial stromal cellsYen, Chih Feng; Kim, Sung Hoon; Liao, Shuen Kuei; Atabekoglu, Cem; Uckac, Serpil; Arici, Aydin; Arlier, Sefa; Lee, Chyi Long; Wang, Hsin Shih; Kayisli, Umit a.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (30).pdf.jpg2017Endometriosis is associated with aberrant metabolite profiles in plasmaLetsiou, Sophia; Peterse, Dirkje P.; Fassbender, Amelie; Hendriks, Margriet M.; van den Broek, Niels J.; Berger, Rudolf; Dorien, O. F.; Vanhie, Arne; Vodolazkaia, Alexandra; Van Langendonckt, Anne; Donnez, Jacques; Harms, Amy C.; Vreeken, Rob J.; Groothuis, Patrick G.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (3).pdf.jpg2017Introduction: A focus on the medical management of endometriosisCasper, Robert F.
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (45).pdf.jpg2017Investigation of the microbiota of the reproductive tract in women undergoing a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oopherectomyMiles, Shana M.; Hardy, Britney L.; Merrell, D. Scott
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2017New developments in the medical treatment of endometriosisBedaiwy, Mohamed a.; Alfaraj, Sukinah; Yong, Paul; Casper, Robert
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2017Morphology matters: are all euploid blastocysts created equal?Forman, Eric J.

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