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195.pdf.jpg2015Experiences of Pediatric Patients With Sickle Cell Disease in Rural Emergency DepartmentsKristen J. Alston; Cecelia R. Valrie; Christy Walcott; Tamara D. Warner; Beng Fuh
185.pdf.jpg2015Sensory and Thermal Quantitative Testing in Children With Sickle Cell DiseaseEufemia Jacob; Victoria Wong Chan; Christopher Hodge; Lonnie Zeltzer; David Zurakowski
200.pdf.jpg2015Quality of Life of Adolescents With Transfusion-dependent Thalassemia and Their Siblings: A Cross-sectional StudyMohemmed Ajij; Harish K. Pemde; Jagdish Chandra
190.pdf.jpg2015A Comparison of Pain Assessment Measures in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease: Visual Analog Scale Versus Numeric Rating ScaleMatthew P.Myrvik; Amy L. Drendel; Amanda M. Brandow; Ke Yan; Raymond G. Hoffmann
e143.pdf.jpg2015Absolute Lymphocyte Count Recovery Independently Predicts Outcome in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Experience From a Tertiary Care Cancer Center of a Developing CountryAnshul Gupta; Gauri Kapoor; Sandeep Jain; Ram Bajpai
e173.pdf.jpg2015Mucormycosis Rhinosinusitis at Diagnosis of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Diagnostics and Management Challenges in a Low–Middle-income CountryElham Mandegari; Ligia Fu; Carolina Arambu; Sandra Montoya; Armando Pen˜a; Kyle M. Johnson; John R. Perfect
e138.pdf.jpg2015CD20 and Outcome of Childhood Precursor B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: A Meta-analysisDan-Yan Ou; Jian-Ming Luo; Dan-Li Ou
e198.pdf.jpg2015Complications of Reduced Intensity Conditioning HSCT for XIAP Deficiency (Alloimmune Cytopenias and HLH) Successfully Managed With Donor Lymphocyte InfusionAnu S. Varghese; Helena Lee; Denise Bonney; Stephen Hughes; Robert Wynn
257.pdf.jpg2015Ethical Decision Making About End-of-life Care Issues by Pediatric Oncologists in Economically Diverse SettingsAna M. Sanchez Varela; Liza-Marie Johnson; Javier R. Kane; Kimberly A. Kasow; Yuri Quintana; April Coan; Ying Yuan
290.pdf.jpg2015The Protective Effect of Capparis ovata on 6-Mercaptopurine-induced Hepatotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in RatsTug˘c¸e Tu¨lu¨men; Ali Ayata; MetehanO¨ zen; Recep Su¨tc¸u; Duran Canatan

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