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JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (31).pdf.jpg2017Novel Mutations in SH2D1A Gene in X-linked Lymphoproliferative Syndrome, Diagnosed after B-Cell Non-Hodgkin LymphomaSharapova, S.O.; Fedorova, a.S.; Pashchenko, O.E.; Vahliarskaya, S.S.; Guryanova, I.E.; Migas, a.a.; Kondratenko, I.V.; Aleinikova, O.V.
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (6).pdf.jpg2017Butyrylcholinesterase as a Blood Biomarker in NeuroblastomaCoulter, Don W; Boettner, Angela D; Kortylewicz, Zbigniew P; Enke, Stephen P; Luther, Jake A; Verma, Vivek; Baranowska-kortylewicz, Janina
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (37).pdf.jpg2017Cytogenetic and Cytogenomic Microarray Characterization Myeloid LeukemiaKoduru, Prasad R; Wilson, Kathleen; Wen, Jiadi; Garcia, Rolando; Patel, Sangeeta; Monaghan, Sara A
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (26).pdf.jpg2017Case Report : Immune-mediated Complete Response in a Patient With Recurrent Advanced Ewing Sarcoma ( EWS ) After Vigil ImmunotherapyGhisoli, Maurizio; Rutledge, Mccarley; Stephens, Philip J; Mennel, Robert; Barve, Minal; Manley, Meghan; Oliai, Bahram R; Murphy, Kathleen M; Manning, Luisa; Gutierrez, Belen; Rangadass, Priyanka; Walker, Ashli; Wang, Zhaohui; Rao, Donald; Adams, Ned; Wallraven, Gladice
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (13).pdf.jpg2017An Unusual Pelvic Mass in a Pediatric PatientBauman, Brent D.; Moertel, Christopher L.; Zheng, Eugene; Louiselle, Amanda; Berdan, Elizabeth; Berger, David; Segura, Bradley
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (11).pdf.jpg2017Medulloblastoma With Extensive NodularityAristizabal, Paula; Burns, Luke; Rivera-Gomez, Rebeca; Levy, Michael L.; Roberts, William; Crawford, John R.
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (9).pdf.jpg2017Vocal Cord Palsy in Children With Cancer : A 10-Year Analysis of UK Pediatric Intensive Care AdmissionsCapsomidis, Anna; Hall, Andrew; Daya, Hamid; Orl, Frcs; Round, Jonathan; Lancaster, Donna; Bate, Jessica
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (5).pdf.jpg2017Electrophysiological Studies to Detect Peripheral Neuropathy in Children Treated With VincristineKavcic, Marko; Koritnik, Blaz; Krzan, Matevz
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (19).pdf.jpg2017Combined Megaloblastic and Sideroblastic Anemia in an Infant Fed With Goat ’ s Milk Severe Neutropenia After Leukocytosis During an Acute Attack of Mycoplasma Infection-associated Paroxysmal Cold Hemoglobinuria-
JPHO 2017 Volume 39 Issue 4 May (27).pdf.jpg2017Use of Sirolimus ( Rapamycin ) for Treatment of Cytopenias and Lymphoproliferation Linked to AutoimmuneSyndrome, Lymphoproliferative; Two, Alps; Reports, Case; Cayrol, Julie; Colino, Carmen Garrido

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