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1408.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2015A Systematic Review of Tools Used to Assess Team Leadership in Health Care Action TeamsRosenman, Elizabeth D; Ilgen, Jonathan S; Shandro, Jamie R; Harper, Amy L; Fernandez, Rosemarie
1401.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2015The Importance of Situational Awareness: A Qualitative Study of Family Members' and Nurses' Perspectives on Teaching During Family-Centered RoundsBeck, Jimmy; Meyer, Rebecca; Kind, Terry; Bhansali, Priti
1394.pdf.jpg18-May-2015The Development and Validation of the Interprofessional Attitudes Scale: Assessing the Interprofessional Attitudes of Students in the Health ProfessionsNorris, Jeffrey; Carpenter, Joan G; Eaton, Jacqueline; Guo, Jia-Wen; Lassche, Madeline; Pett, Marjorie A; Blumenthal, Donald K
1386.pdf.jpg2015Going “Fourth” From Medical School: Fourth-Year Medical Students’ Perspectives on the Fourth Year of Medical SchoolNicole M. Benson; Timothy R. Stickle; William V. Raszka Jr
1380.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2015The Projected Responses of Residency-Sponsoring Institutions to a Reduction in Medicare Support for Graduate Medical Education: A National SurveyRiaz, Mahrukh; Palermo, Tia; Yen, Michael; Edelman, Norman H
1373.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Depth-of-interaction measurement in a single-layer crystal array with a single-ended readout using digital silicon photomultiplierLee, Min Sun; Lee, Jae Sung
1368.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2015Building the Infrastructure for Value at UCLA: Engaging Clinicians and Developing Patient-Centric MeasurementClarke, Robin; Hackbarth, Andrew S; Saigal, Christopher; Skootsky, Samuel A
1363.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2015Teaching Quality Improvement in Graduate Medical Education: An Experiential and Team-Based Approach to the Acquisition of Quality Improvement CompetenciesHall Barber, Karen; Schultz, Karen; Scott, Abigail; Pollock, Emily; Kotecha, Jyoti; Martin, Danyal
1362.pdf.jpg2015Teaching and Learning Moments Stillborn-
1358.pdf.jpg2015A Scholarly Pathway in Quality Improvement and Patient SafetyCatherine C. Ferguson; Geoffrey Lamb
1356.pdf.jpg2015The Gold–Hope Tang, MD 2015 Humanism in Medicine Essay Contest Third Place: Gauze and GunsSamantha Gridley
1355.pdf.jpg2015Commentary on Excerpts From The Letters of Anton Chekhov, Letters of Anton Chekhov, and Doctor Chekhov: A Study in Literature and Medicine-
1354.pdf.jpg2015The Letters of Anton Chekhov Letters of Anton Chekhov Doctor Chekhov: A Study in Literature and Medicine [Excerpts]-
1353.pdf.jpg2015Cover Art Artist’s Statement: N = 1: An Internal Struggle-
1347.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2015Positioning Medical Assistants for a Greater Role in the Era of Health ReformChapman, Susan A; Marks, Angela; Dower, Catherine
1340.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2015Creating and Maintaining a Successful Service Line in an Academic Medical Center at the Dawn of Value-Based Care: Lessons Learned From the Heart and Vascular Service Line at UMass Memorial Health CarePhillips, Robert A; Cyr, Jay; Keaney, John F; Messina, Louis M; Meyer, Theo E; Tam, Stanley K C; Korenda, Kathleen; Darrigo, Melinda; Kumar, Pooja; Challapalli, Sailu
1331.pdf.jpg18-May-2015The Armstrong Institute: An Academic Institute for Patient Safety and Quality Improvement, Research, Training, and PracticePronovost, Peter J; Holzmueller, Christine G; Molello, Nancy E; Paine, Lori; Winner, Laura; Marsteller, Jill A; Berenholtz, Sean M; Aboumatar, Hanan J; Demski, Renee; Armstrong, C Michael
1324.pdf.jpg2015Course Offerings in the Fourth Year of Medical School: How U.S. Medical Schools Are Preparing Students for InternshipD. Michael Elnicki; Susan Gallagher; Laura Willett
1318.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2015The Merits and Challenges of Three-Year Medical School Curricula: Time for an Evidence-Based DiscussionRaymond, John R; Kerschner, Joseph E; Hueston, William J; Maurana, Cheryl A
1314.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2015Getting Real: Embracing the Conditions of the Third-Year Clerkship and Reimagining the Curriculum to Enable Deliberate PracticeKlamen, Debra Lee

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