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1105.pdf.jpgMay-2015Erratum for Silva et al. Impact of a 6-wk olive oil supplementation in healthy adults on urinary proteomic biomarkers of coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes (types 1 and 2): a randomized, parallel, controlled, double-blind study. Am J Clin Nutr 2015;101:44-54-
1102.pdf.jpgMay-2015Concerns about the use of 15:0, 17:0, and trans-16:1n-7 as biomarkers of dairy fat intake in recent observational studies that suggest beneficial effects of dairy food on incidence of diabetes and strokeRatnayake, W M Nimal
1101.pdf.jpgMay-2015Reply to H Pareja-Galeano et alEkelund, Ulf; Ward, Heather; Luan, Jian'An; Sharp, Stephen J; Brage, Søren; Wareham, Nick J
1099.pdf.jpgMay-2015Reply to H Pareja-Galeano et alEkelund, Ulf; Ward, Heather; Luan, Jian'An; Sharp, Stephen J; Brage, Søren; Wareham, Nick J
1098.pdf.jpgMay-2015The impact of protein on chronic disease risk should be considered in studies of weight lossBernstein, Adam M; Golubic, Mladen; Roizen, Michael F
1097.pdf.jpgMay-2015Acute pancreatitis: watch what you eat!Barreto, Savio G
1088.pdf.jpgMay-2015Egg consumption and risk of incident type 2 diabetes in men: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor StudyVirtanen, Jyrki K; Mursu, Jaakko; Tuomainen, Tomi-Pekka; Virtanen, Heli Ek; Voutilainen, Sari
1081.pdf.jpgMay-2015Trends in intake and sources of caffeine in the diets of US adults: 2001-2010Fulgoni, Victor L; Keast, Debra R; Lieberman, Harris R
1065.pdf.jpgMay-2015Food sources of fat may clarify the inconsistent role of dietary fat intake for incidence of type 2 diabetesEricson, Ulrika; Hellstrand, Sophie; Brunkwall, Louise; Schulz, Christina-Alexandra; Sonestedt, Emily; Wallström, Peter; Gullberg, Bo; Wirfält, Elisabet; Orho-Melander, Marju
1055.pdf.jpgMay-2015Influence of price discounts and skill-building strategies on purchase and consumption of healthy food and beverages: outcomes of the Supermarket Healthy Eating for Life randomized controlled trialBall, Kylie; McNaughton, Sarah A; Le, Ha N D; Gold, Lisa; Ni Mhurchu, Cliona; Abbott, Gavin; Pollard, Christina; Crawford, David
1047.pdf.jpgMay-2015Plasma phospholipid very-long-chain saturated fatty acids and incident diabetes in older adults: the Cardiovascular Health StudyLemaitre, Rozenn N; Fretts, Amanda M; Sitlani, Colleen M; Biggs, Mary L; Mukamal, Kenneth; King, Irena B; Song, Xiaoling; Djoussé, Luc; Siscovick, David S; McKnight, Barbara; Sotoodehnia, Nona; Kizer, Jorge R; Mozaffarian, Dariush
1038.pdf.jpgMay-2015Assessing global dietary habits: a comparison of national estimates from the FAO and the Global Dietary DatabaseDel Gobbo, Liana C; Khatibzadeh, Shahab; Imamura, Fumiaki; Micha, Renata; Shi, Peilin; Smith, Matthew; Myers, Samuel S; Mozaffarian, Dariush
1029.pdf.jpgMay-2015Association of coffee intake with total and cause-specific mortality in a Japanese population: the Japan Public Health Center-based Prospective StudySaito, Eiko; Inoue, Manami; Sawada, Norie; Shimazu, Taichi; Yamaji, Taiki; Iwasaki, Motoki; Sasazuki, Shizuka; Noda, Mitsuhiko; Iso, Hiroyasu; Tsugane, Shoichiro
1021.pdf.jpgMay-2015Top sources of dietary sodium from birth to age 24 mo, United States, 2003-2010Maalouf, Joyce; Cogswell, Mary E; Yuan, Keming; Martin, Carrie; Gunn, Janelle P; Pehrsson, Pamela; Merritt, Robert; Bowman, Barbara
1012.pdf.jpgMay-2015Flavonoid intake and all-cause mortalityIvey, Kerry L; Hodgson, Jonathan M; Croft, Kevin D; Lewis, Joshua R; Prince, Richard L
1000.pdf.jpgMay-2015Serum biomarkers of habitual coffee consumption may provide insight into the mechanism underlying the association between coffee consumption and colorectal cancerGuertin, Kristin A; Loftfield, Erikka; Boca, Simina M; Sampson, Joshua N; Moore, Steven C; Xiao, Qian; Huang, Wen-Yi; Xiong, Xiaoqin; Freedman, Neal D; Cross, Amanda J; Sinha, Rashmi
991.pdf.jpgMay-2015Effects of resistance training with and without caloric restriction on physical function and mobility in overweight and obese older adults: a randomized controlled trialNicklas, Barbara J; Chmelo, Elizabeth; Delbono, Osvaldo; Carr, J Jeffrey; Lyles, Mary F; Marsh, Anthony P
983.pdf.jpgMay-2015Association between birth weight and objectively measured sedentary time is mediated by central adiposity: data in 10,793 youth from the International Children's Accelerometry DatabaseHildebrand, Maria; Kolle, Elin; Hansen, Bjørge H; Collings, Paul J; Wijndaele, Katrien; Kordas, Katarzyna; Cooper, Ashley R; Sherar, Lauren B; Andersen, Lars Bo; Sardinha, Luis B; Kriemler, Susi; Hallal, Pedro; van Sluijs, Esther; Ekelund, Ulf
966.pdf.jpgMay-2015The effect of tree nut, peanut, and soy nut consumption on blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled clinical trialsMohammadifard, Noushin; Salehi-Abargouei, Amin; Salas-Salvadó, Jordi; Guasch-Ferré, Marta; Humphries, Karin; Sarrafzadegan, Nizal
956.pdf.jpgMay-2015Nutritional assessment: comparison of clinical assessment and objective variables for the prediction of length of hospital stay and readmissionJeejeebhoy, Khursheed N; Keller, Heather; Gramlich, Leah; Allard, Johane P; Laporte, Manon; Duerksen, Donald R; Payette, Helene; Bernier, Paule; Vesnaver, Elisabeth; Davidson, Bridget; Teterina, Anastasia; Lou, Wendy

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