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366.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Empirically Derived Trajectories to Dementia Over 15 Years of Follow-up Identified by Using Mixed Membership ModelsLecci, Fabrizio; Junker, Brian; Kuller, Lewis H; Lopez, Oscar L; Becker, James T
359.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Comparing Methods for Identifying Biologically Implausible Values in Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index Among YouthLawman, Hannah G; Ogden, Cynthia L; Hassink, Sandra; Mallya, Giridhar; Vander Veur, Stephanie; Foster, Gary D
358.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Basu and Siddiqi Respond to "Context, Behaviors, and Hypertension Inequalities"Basu, Sanjay; Siddiqi, Arjumand
354.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Invited Commentary: Fundamental Causes, Social Context, and Modifiable Risk Factors in the Racial/Ethnic Inequalities in Blood Pressure and HypertensionHicken, Margaret T
345.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Using Decomposition Analysis to Identify Modifiable Racial Disparities in the Distribution of Blood Pressure in the United StatesBasu, Sanjay; Hong, Anthony; Siddiqi, Arjumand
335.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Age and Sex Differences in Rates of Influenza-Associated Hospitalizations in Hong KongWang, Xi-Ling; Yang, Lin; Chan, Kwok-Hung; Chan, King-Pan; Cao, Pei-Hua; Lau, Eric Ho-Yin; Peiris, J S Malik; Wong, Chit-Ming
328.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015A Longitudinal Analysis of Changes in Job Control and Mental HealthBentley, Rebecca J; Kavanagh, Anne; Krnjacki, Lauren; LaMontagne, Anthony D
320.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Evaluation of Moderate Alcohol Use With QT Interval and Heart Rate Using Mendelian Randomization Analysis Among Older Southern Chinese Men in the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort StudyAu Yeung, Shiu Lun; Jiang, Chaoqiang; Long, Meijing; Cheng, Kar Keung; Liu, Bin; Zhang, Weisen; Lam, Tai Hing; Leung, Gabriel Matthew; Schooling, C Mary
318.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Kramer and Casper Respond to "A-P-C... It's Easy as 1-2-3!"Kramer, Michael R; Casper, Michele
313.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Invited Commentary: A-P-C... It's Easy as 1-2-3!Harper, Sam
302.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Decomposing Black-White Disparities in Heart Disease Mortality in the United States, 1973-2010: An Age-Period-Cohort AnalysisKramer, Michael R; Valderrama, Amy L; Casper, Michele L
294.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015Hospitalization Fatality Risk of Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisWong, Jessica Y; Kelly, Heath; Cheung, Chung-Mei M; Shiu, Eunice Y; Wu, Peng; Ni, Michael Y; Ip, Dennis K M; Cowling, Benjamin J
281.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2015The Safety of Yoga: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsCramer, Holger; Ward, Lesley; Saper, Robert; Fishbein, Daniel; Dobos, Gustav; Lauche, Romy
2444.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Analyzing Seasonal Variations in Suicide With Fourier Poisson Time-Series Regression: A Registry-Based Study From Norway, 1969-2007Bramness, Jørgen G; Walby, Fredrik A; Morken, Gunnar; Røislien, Jo
280.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Re: "Is the Inverse Association Between Selenium and Bladder Cancer Due to Confounding by Smoking?"Beane Freeman, L E; Karagas, M R; Baris, D
279.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Three Authors ReplyBecofsky, Katie M; Sui, Xuemei; Lee, Duck-Chul
278.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Re: "A Prospective Study of Fitness, Fatness, and Depressive Symptoms"Krachler, Benno
271.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Using Laplace Regression to Model and Predict Percentiles of Age at Death When Age Is the Primary Time ScaleBellavia, Andrea; Discacciati, Andrea; Bottai, Matteo; Wolk, Alicja; Orsini, Nicola
263.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015A Meta-Regression Method for Studying Etiological Heterogeneity Across Disease Subtypes Classified by Multiple BiomarkersWang, Molin; Kuchiba, Aya; Ogino, Shuji
255.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2015Dynamic Variation in Sexual Contact Rates in a Cohort of HIV-Negative Gay MenRomero-Severson, E O; Volz, E; Koopman, J S; Leitner, T; Ionides, E L

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