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450.pdf.jpgMay-2015Misconceptions and facts about treating hypertensionArgulian, Edgar; Grossman, Ehud; Messerli, Franz H
447.pdf.jpgMay-2015Novel treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisSpagnolo, Paolo
204.pdf.jpg2015The precautionary principleRice Simpson, Kathleen
198.pdf.jpg2015Kangaroo mother care for preterm infants globallyCallister, Lynn Clark
197.pdf.jpg2015Downloading electronic health record data with a blue button or green buttonMcCartney, Patricia
196.pdf.jpg2015Helping families understand portion and serving sizesMorin, Karen H
194.pdf.jpg2015Should we diagnose psychopathology in infancy?Onnembo, Jessica; Beal, Judy A
193.pdf.jpg2015Fetal heart monitoring prior to cesarean birthWisner, Kirsten
186.pdf.jpg2015Acceptability and initial efficacy of education for teen mothersLogsdon, M Cynthia; Davis, Deborah Winders; Stikes, Reetta; Ratterman, Rachel; Ryan, Lesa; Myers, John
180.pdf.jpg2015Formaldehyde exposure during pregnancyAmiri, Azita; Pryor, Erica; Rice, Marti; Downs, Charles A; Turner-Henson, Anne; Fanucchi, Michelle V
174.pdf.jpg2015Breastfeeding, co-sleeping and dental health adviceWert, Katie M Lapps; Lindemeyer, Rochelle; Spatz, Diane L
167.pdf.jpg2015Improving communication and coordination of complex perinatal patientsGordon, Sara; Aydam, Joan; Hamm, Kenna; Rocha, Morgan; Northcut, Andrea; Roberson, Becky; Shook, Marilyn
160.pdf.jpg2015Compassion fatigue among pediatric healthcare providersBranch, Carole; Klinkenberg, Dean
153.pdf.jpg2015Optimizing perioperative care for children and adolescents with challenging behaviorsBalakas, Karen; Gallaher, Carol S; Tilley, Carra
145.pdf.jpg2015Beyond implementation: sustaining family-centered roundsNichols, Kara; Crow, Karen; Balakas, Karen
142.pdf.jpg2015Should Older Teens and Young Adults With Chronic, Life-Threatening Pediatric Illnesses be Transitioned to Adult Providers and Care Based on Chronologic Age?Capitulo, Kathleen Leask; McCarthy, Colleen; McKie-Addy, Cynthia
141.pdf.jpg2015Supportive environments for care of families and childrenGordin, Peggy
136.pdf.jpg2015Maternal Oxygen Administration as an Intrauterine Resuscitation Measure During LaborKathleen Rice Simpson
132.pdf.jpg2015Experiencing a First Food Allergic Reaction: A Survey of Parent and Caregiver PerspectivesAbdurrahman, Z. B., Kastner; Wurman, C; Harada, L., Bantock

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