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277.pdf.jpg2015What are VBAC Women Seeking and Sharing? A Content Analysis of Online Discussion BoardsYasmine L. Konheim-Kalkstein; Rosemarie Whyte; Talya Miron-Shatz
270.pdf.jpg2015Fear of Childbirth and Preference for Cesarean Delivery Among Young American Women Before Childbirth: A Survey StudyKathrin Stoll; Joyce Katherine Edmonds; Wendy A. Hall
261.pdf.jpg2015Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Women During Pregnancy and Childbearing YearsSelma C. Holden; Paula Gardiner; Gurjeet Birdee
254.pdf.jpg2015Maternal Physical Health Symptoms in the First 8 Weeks Postpartum Among Primiparous Australian WomenAmanda R. Cooklin; Lisa H. Amir; Jennifer Jarman
249.pdf.jpg2015Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Likelihood of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean DeliveryErika R. Cheng; Eugene R. Declercq; Candice Belanoff
242.pdf.jpg2015Breastfeeding-Friendly Environmental Factors and Continuing Breastfeeding Until 6 Months Postpartum: 2008–2011 National Surveys in TaiwanChia-Chian Lee; Shu-Ti Chiou; Li-Chuan Chen
235.pdf.jpg2015Risk Factors for Severe Secondary Postpartum Hemorrhages: A Historical Cohort StudyAnne Debost-Legrand; Olivier Rivi ere; Mathieu Dossou
227.pdf.jpg2015Ambulance Transfer in Case of Postpartum Hemorrhage after Birth in Primary Midwifery Care in The Netherlands: A Prospective Cohort StudyIneke Stolp; Marrit Smit; Sanne Luxemburg
219.pdf.jpg2015Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Latent versus Active Labor Hospital Admission for Medically Low-Risk, Term WomenEllen L. Tilden, PhD, CNM,, BA,; Vanessa R. Lee; Allison J. Allen
206.pdf.jpg2015Seeing and Holding Baby: Systematic Review of Clinical Management and Parental Outcomes After StillbirthCarol Kingdon; Jennifer L. Givens; Emer O’Donnell
202.pdf.jpg2015Midwifery Facilitation: Exploring the Functionality of Labor DiscomfortRuth Sanders
199.pdf.jpg2015TRIBUTE Sheila Kitzinger (1929–2015)Penny Simkin
189.pdf.jpg2015Women’s Experiences of Fetal Movements before the Confirmation of Fetal Death—Contractions Misinterpreted as Fetal MovementAnders Linde; Karin Pettersson; Ingela Rådestad
181.pdf.jpg2015Scheduling the Stork: Media Portrayals of Women’s and Physicians’ Reasons for Elective Cesarean DeliveryLisa Campo-Engelstein; Lauren E. Howland; Wendy M. Parker
173.pdf.jpg2015Routine Use of an Antenatal Infection Screen-and-Treat Program to Prevent Preterm Birth: Long-Term Experience at a Tertiary Referral CenterAlex Farr; Herbert Kiss; Michael Hagmann
165.pdf.jpg2015The Impact of an ECV Service is Limited by Antenatal Breech Detection: A Retrospective Cohort StudyJoris Hemelaar; Lee N. Lim; Lawrence W. Impey

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