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124.asp.pdf.jpg2015A Framework for Global Collaborative Data Management for Malaria ResearchJuan B. Gutierrez; Omar S. Harb; Jie Zheng
110.asp.pdf.jpg2015Urban Malaria: Understanding its Epidemiology, Ecology, and Transmission across Seven Diverse ICEMR Network SitesMark L. Wilson; Donald J. Krogstad; Emmanuel Arinaitwe
99.asp.pdf.jpg2015Malaria Diagnosis across the International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research: Platforms, Performance, and StandardizationTamaki Kobayashi; Dionicia Gamboa; Daouda Ndiaye
87.asp.pdf.jpg2015Population Genetics, Evolutionary Genomics, and Genome-Wide Studies of Malaria: A View across the International Centers of Excellence for Malaria ResearchJane M. Carlton; Sarah K. Volkman; Swapna Uplekar
79.asp.pdf.jpg2015Malaria Molecular Epidemiology: Lessons from the International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research NetworkAnanias A. Escalante,*,*; Marcelo U. Ferreira; Joseph M. Vinetz
57.asp.pdf.jpg2015Antimalarial Drug Resistance: Literature Review and Activities and Findings of the ICEMR NetworkLiwang Cui; Sungano Mharakurwa; Daouda Ndiaye
42.asp.pdf.jpg2015Investigating the Pathogenesis of Severe Malaria: A Multidisciplinary and Cross-Geographical ApproachSamuel C. Wassmer; Terrie E. Taylor; Pradipsinh K. Rathod
28.asp.pdf.jpg2015Entomological Monitoring and Evaluation: Diverse Transmission Settings of ICEMR Projects Will Require Local and Regional Malaria Elimination StrategiesJan E. Conn; Douglas E. Norris; Martin J. Donnelly
16.asp.pdf.jpg2015Biosignatures of Exposure/Transmission and ImmunityChristopher L. King; D. Huw Davies; Phil Feigner
5.asp.pdf.jpg2015Malaria Epidemiology and Control within the International Centers of Excellence for Malaria ResearchWilliam J. Moss; Grant Dorsey; Ivo Mueller
673.asp.pdf.jpg2015In Response-
672.asp.pdf.jpg2015Bruns Syndrome is a Common Presentation of Neurocysticercosis-
668.asp.pdf.jpg2015Multinational Disease Surveillance Programs: Promoting Global Information Exchange for Infectious DiseasesAiden K. Varan; Robson Bruniera-Oliveira; Christopher R. Peter
662.asp.pdf.jpg2015Implementation of a Training Course Increased the Diagnosis of Histoplasmosis in ColombiaDiego H. Caceres; Alejandra Zuluaga; Karen Arango-Bustamante
655.asp.pdf.jpg2015Impact of Global Health Research Training on Career Trajectories: The Fogarty International Clinical Research Scholars and Fellows ProgramDouglas C. Heimburger; Catherine Lem Carothers; Meridith Blevins
648.asp.pdf.jpg2015Payment for Health Care and Perception of the National Health Insurance Scheme in a Rural Area in Southwest NigeriaDavid A. Adewole; Ayodeji M. Adebayo; Emeka I. Udeh
636.asp.pdf.jpg2015Determinants of Utilization of Health Extension Workers in the Context of Scale-Up of Integrated Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses in EthiopiaBryan Shaw; Agbessi Amouzou; Nathan P. Miller
626.asp.pdf.jpg2015Determinants of Caregivers’ Use and Adoption of Household Water Chlorination: A Qualitative Study with Peri-urban Communities in the Peruvian AmazonJessica D. Rothstein; Elli Leontsini; Maribel Paredes Olortegui
623.asp.pdf.jpg2015Studies of Ancient Lice Reveal Unsuspected Past Migrations of VectorsRezak Drali; Kosta Y. Mumcuoglu; Gonca Yesilyurt
619.asp.pdf.jpg2015Mosquitoes of Anopheles hyrcanus (Diptera, Culicidae) Group: Species Diagnostic and Phylogenetic RelationshipsNatalia V. Khrabrova; Yulia V. Andreeva; Anuarbek K. Sibataev

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