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936+.pdf.jpg2015Educating the Obstetrician About BreastfeedingSHARON B. MASS
928+.pdf.jpg2015Contraception and BreastfeedingKELLY LYNNE PIEH HOLDER
915+.pdf.jpg2015Postpartum Sexuality and the Lactational Amenorrhea Method for ContraceptionMIRIAM H. LABBOK
902+.pdf.jpg2015Breast Pain: Engorgement, Nipple Pain, and MastitisPAMELA D. BERENS
893+.pdf.jpg2015Diet for a Healthy Lactating WomanKATHRYN M. KOLASA; GINA FIRNHABER; KELLEY HAVEN
885+.pdf.jpg2015Postpartum Exercise and LactationSUSAN M. BANE
868+.pdf.jpg2015Drugs in Breast MilkEDWARD R. NEWTON; THOMAS W. HALE
855+.pdf.jpg2015Breastmilk Expression and Breast Pump TechnologyANNE EGLASH; MICHELE L. MALLOY
840+.pdf.jpg2015Breastfeeding the NICU Infant: What to ExpectNANCY E. WIGHT
827+.pdf.jpg2015Associations Among Lactation, Maternal Carbohydrate Metabolism, and Cardiovascular HealthALISON STUEBE
814+.pdf.jpg2015Neonatal Gut Microbiota and Human Milk Glycans Cooperate to Attenuate Infection and InflammationDAVID S. NEWBURG; YINGYING HE
812+.pdf.jpg2015BreastfeedingEDWARD R. NEWTON
805+.pdf.jpg2015Recognition and Management of Urologic Injuries With Laparoscopic HysterectomyMARK W. DASSEL; MARISA R. ADELMAN; HOWARD T. SHARP
798+.pdf.jpg2015Management of Postoperative Abdominal Wall PainHOWARD T. SHARP
765+.pdf.jpg2015Complications of Hysteroscopic and Uterine Resectoscopic SurgeryMALCOLM G. MUNRO; LEE A. CHRISTIANSON
754+.pdf.jpg2015Controversies in the Management of Endometrioma: To Cure Sometimes, to Treat Often, to Comfort Always?ERICA B. JOHNSTONE; MEGAN H. LINK
740+.pdf.jpg2015Vaginal Mesh in Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery: Controversies, Current Use, and ComplicationsCECILE A. UNGER; MATTHEW D. BARBER
732+.pdf.jpg2015Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy: An Analysis of Different TechniquesBERI M. RIDGEWAY; MEGAN BUECHEL; BENJAMIN NUTTER
718+.pdf.jpg2015Management of Hemorrhage During Gynecologic SurgerySTEVE P. YU; JOSHUA G. COHEN; WILLIAM H. PARKER
710+.pdf.jpg2015The Morcellation Debate: The History and the ScienceMARISA R. ADELMAN

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