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217.pdf.jpg2015A Genome-Wide Association Study of Early Spontaneous Preterm DeliveryHeping Zhang; Don A. Baldwin; Radek K. Bukowski
207.pdf.jpg2015Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Association Studies Identifies Novel Loci Associated With Optic Disc MorphologyHenri ¨ et Springelkamp; Aniket Mishra; Pirro G. Hysi
197.pdf.jpg2015Informed Genome-Wide Association Analysis With Family History As a Secondary Phenotype Identifies Novel Loci of Lung CancerJulia G. Poirier; Paul Brennan; James D. McKay
185.pdf.jpg2015Interaction Association Analysis of Imputed SNPs in Case-Control and Follow-Up StudiesIsaac Subirana; Juan R. Gonz´ alez
173.pdf.jpg2015LEAP: Biomarker Inference Through Learning and Evaluating Association PatternsXia Jiang; Richard E. Neapolitan
166.pdf.jpg2015Testing the Effect of Rare Compound-Heterozygous and Recessive Mutations in Case–Parent Sequencing StudiesYu Jiang; Janice M. McCarthy; Andrew S. Allen
156.pdf.jpg2015A Retrospective Likelihood Approach for Efficient Integration of Multiple Omics Factors in Case-Control Association StudiesBrunilda Balliu; Roula Tsonaka; Stefan Boehringer
149.pdf.jpg2015Principal Component Regression and Linear Mixed Model in Association Analysis of Structured Samples: Competitors or Complements?Yiwei Zhang; Wei Pan
145.pdf.jpg2015Population Genetics Identifies Challenges in Analyzing Rare VariantsHenry Richard Johnston; Yijuan Hu; David J. Cutler
134.pdf.jpg2015Integrative Analysis of Micro-RNA, Gene Expression, and Survival of Glioblastoma MultiformeYen-Tsung Huang; Thomas Hsu; Karl T. Kelsey
122.pdf.jpg2015Complete Effect-Profile Assessment in Association Studies With Multiple Genetic and Multiple Environmental FactorsZhi Wang; Arnab Maity; Yiwen Luo
114.pdf.jpg2015Tailored Selection of Study Individuals to be Sequenced in Order to Improve the Accuracy of Genotype ImputationBarbara Peil; Maria Kabisch; Christine Fischer
101.pdf.jpg2015Pathway-Based Association Study of Multiple Candidate Genes and Multiple Traits Using Structural Equation ModelsHela Romdhani; Heungsun Hwang; Gilles Paradis
89.pdf.jpg2015Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Rare Variant Association Analysis Integrating Genotype Uncertainty in Human Sequence DataLiang He; Janne Pitk ¨ aniemi; Antti-Pekka Sarin
77.pdf.jpg2015Fine-Mapping Additive and Dominant SNP Effects Using Group-LASSO and Fractional Resample Model AveragingJeremy Sabourin; Andrew B. Nobel; William Valdar
65.pdf.jpg2015False Discovery Rates for Rare Variants From Sequenced DataMarinela Capanu; Venkatraman E. Seshan
53.pdf.jpg2015Global Analysis of Methylation Profiles From High Resolution CpG DataNi Zhao; Douglas A. Bell; Arnab Maity
45.pdf.jpg2015Reproducible Simulations of Realistic Samples for Next-Generation Sequencing Studies Using Variant Simulation ToolsBo Peng
35.pdf.jpg2015Population Genetic Simulations of Complex Phenotypes with Implications for Rare Variant Association TestsLawrence H. Uricchio; Raul Torres; John S. Witte
25.pdf.jpg2015Heuristic Identification of Biological Architectures for Simulating Complex Hierarchical Genetic InteractionsJason H. Moore; Ryan Amos; Jeff Kiralis

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