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115.pdf.jpg2015Alcohol y embarazo Alcohol and Pregnancy-
113.pdf.jpg2015Alcohol and Pregnancy-
107.pdf.jpg2015Instructions for Authors-
106.pdf.jpg2015Updates from the LiteratureNancy A. Niemczyk
105.pdf.jpg2015Updates from the LiteratureNancy A. Niemczyk
104.pdf.jpg2015Updates from the LiteratureNancy A. Niemczyk
99.pdf.jpg2015Current Resources for Evidence-Based Practice, January/February 2015Nicole S. Carlson
89.pdf.jpg2015Part I: Theorists and Historical InfluencesMary Barger; Mary Ann Faucher; Patricia Aikins Murphy
83.pdf.jpg2015Isolated Intracardiac Echogenic Focus on Routine Ultrasound: Implications for PracticeHeather Murphy; Julia C. Phillippi
75.pdf.jpg2015A Mini-Midwifery Business Institute in a Midwifery Professional Roles Course: An Innovative Teaching Strategy for Successful Career Planning and Business Management of PracticeD. Elizabeth Jesse; Connie Dewees; WilliamC.McDowell
70.pdf.jpg2015Simulation: A New Approach to Teaching EthicsMargaret Buxton; Julia C. Phillippi; Michelle R. Collins
62.pdf.jpg2015Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth Experiences of Male and Gender Variant Gestational Parents: It’s How We Could Have a FamilySimon Adriane Ellis; Danuta M.Wojnar; IBCLC, Maria Pettinato
56.pdf.jpg2015The Midwifery Legacies Project: History, Progress, and Future DirectionsTonia L. Moore-Davis; Karen B. McGee; Elaine M. Moore
48.pdf.jpg2015Frontier Nurse-Midwives and Antepartum Emergencies, 1925 to 1939Donna L. Schminkey; ArleneW. Keeling
37.pdf.jpg2015Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injury and Anal Incontinence Following Vaginal Birth: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisAllison LaCross; Meredith Groff; AGPCPNP-BC
24.pdf.jpg2015An Update on Current Prenatal Testing Options: First Trimester and Noninvasive Prenatal TestingGwen Latendresse; Angela Deneris
16.pdf.jpg2015A Mixed-Methods Study of Secondary Traumatic Stress in Certified Nurse-Midwives: Shaken Belief in the Birth ProcessCheryl Tatano Beck; Jenna LoGiudice; Robert K. Gable
10.pdf.jpg2015Midwife-Attended Births in the United States, 1990–2012: Results from Revised Birth Certificate DataEugene Declercq
5.pdf.jpg2015The Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health 2005–2015: A Decade of Transformation and SuccessE. Likis; Brittany L. White
3.pdf.jpg2015A Foundation of Excellence: Honoring the Contributions of Early MidwivesLinda V. Walsh

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